The Disturbing Silence….

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Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh is exactly 2004.89 kilometers from one its remote counterpart city in the south called Mangalore; however September 30, 2010 which some media claim to be a red letter day in the history of the country, this distance perhaps did not matter. The entire city of Mangalore, like the rest of the nation had embraced itself to face the repercussions of a judgment of the honorable lucknow bench of the Allahabad high court over Ayodhya or the Babri masjid dispute.

The moment, Mangalore got up on the early sunlight of 6.45 AM on September 30th 2010, the change in its lifestyle was evident. One glance from the top of my flat was sufficient to know the true meaning of section 144, children’s remained absent from the bus stop on the streets corner, the fish vendors who usually play DJ with that unpleasant horn honking on their cycle were missing, people took the shortest route to their respective destinations and out, the commuters on the usually busy street had disappeared.

It was interesting to note, how on this particular day, the news channels had clouded the Ayodhya Story on air from rest of the incidents happening in the country. No matter how many times one flipped the channels; the electronic media like the television were flooded with one of their highest ever sponsored programs for their so called news stories, opinion poll, panel discussion and speculative reports on Ayodhya verdict.

Nothing to do, at about 10 o clock in the morning, I decided to break my confinement at home and venture out to the city with my camera to feel its pulse. Approximately 2 kilometer away from my home locality Pandeshwar, there is this busy street junction called Hampankatta, something like what the Newyork times is for the Americans. The scene here was pretty creepy, with almost 75 percent of the regular traffic was off the road, only a single traffic police manned his post. Moreover the vehicles took the liberties of moving on their own since the inflow and outflow of traffic were at its minimal. The shopping and eateries remained either fully closed or partially open for maintainers related work, only few commuters walked cautiously keeping an eye over others shoulder.

As I ventures to the outskirts of the city the scenario was still horrifying, it more looked like a military installation or a defense zone, where apart from the uniformed patrol men only couple of civilians were visible. The movies houses were closed, the inmates of schools and colleges were enjoying holidays; it was like the entire population had evaporated leaving behind only a few.

The entire city was clamped in some kind of confusion as the day progressed, and as it came close to the verdict moment so did the population in the streets decreased, people further grew impatient and further glued to their television, perhaps if television depended on common computer like server, then I bet it would have definitely crashed owing to the number of visitors.

Later in the day after the verdict was passed, I was quite surprised to know one particular ground reality out of so many others, It seems the Lucknow city functioned as usual in its full glory with neither a Bundh or a holiday declared by the state while the rest of the country held its breath due to the verdict. As an ardent Mangalorean I was quite uneasy with this disturbing silence.


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