Being “Senior citizens” in college!!!.

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History repeats itself once again they say!!! Today a little more, as I regrouped with my MCMS classmates, whomI have been away since the beginning of my internship. I ran a full gallop to the 2nd floor, with the fear of being ousted for punctuality on the first day of reopening. However the gave Head of the Department was kind enough to accommodate me in the class with a disciplinary stare.

They had just finished with the morning prayers, and as an atheist I realized that “didn’t miss much!!!”

Since it is our final year, we perhaps thought that college would be lenient to the mischiefs done by its “Senior citizens” atleast this year. However the HOD again appeared in front of the class, but this time with a mischievous smile, that everybody was familiar with.

And for the next 30 minutes, HOD gloriously started defining our “KARMA” for third and fourth semester i.e. compliance with rules and regulation, assignment, dissertation, projects, surprise tests, activities, seminar’s, involvement, participation etc. Just by definition listening to weight of the work load almost broke our back and we soon realized that the words like “leniency” and “privilege” was just a mirage.

Had a chance to come across some hundred odd friends whom I missed so much for the past two months. But most of

all we missed ours seniors and other batches who stayed next door sharing the same floor. It’s been hard to believe that they were no more; not to be misunderstood; I mean they are employed by some of the top shot companies and are professionals now!!!

Thinking about the good lot seniors cum friends that we had, I really went down a nostalgic memory lane of July 06, 2009, when I was freshly kicked-out by my company after one year’s stint due to recession and had decided to take mass communication last year.

Now as I recollect those bygone friends and memories, it’s a realization that in a year’s time even the current batch

of 2nd year MCMS will be gone, maybe in a new profession, with new colleagues and friends, some near or some maybe even in different part of the world. But the story of these 12 idiots of MCMS students will stay alive afresh in everybody’s mind.


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