Make no mistake gentlemen……..

July 7, 2010 at 8:04 PM 2 comments


You may not be interested in the game of football or any other sport for that matter. However make no mistake ladies and gentleman, but today the world will stand still as the clock strikes 12.00am IST to witness the greatest battle befitting to be witness by “GODS”.

One the one side I give U – Team “Spain”

Which with its incredible “possession football technique sweeps the victory down to the net, while its opposition remain dazed as their supporters switch sides to Spain as a mark of respect for the quality of game played.The team seemed to grow with a well knit brotherhood of gentlemen who fight together till the end. In the entire series the Spaniards remained focused on their gaming techniques and almost never lost their cool even with the aggressive goliath like Paraguay that was under the supervision of Maradona.  

On the other hand I give U – Team “Germany”

Who, with their quick pace and a mechanically orchestrate team effort are known to be the best counter-attack team in the world. Time and again the German team gave the worlds best speculators a run for their money by timing goals when mere mortals least expected it. The English team by no doubt had the “gut” of a worthy competitor, but they were mowed down like a “grass” by the German Blitzkrieg that scored 4 goals against the English team that was forced to stick to a 0 in the quarter finals. 

If you have been following the World cup 2010 matches closely like some, you will realize that this was no ordinary event. The two have proved that “that yesterday is past and they have moved on, it is only the present that matters”  


I am never regular at sport-reporting and I least follow it, moreover due to my internship pressures, I thought of taking a break from blogging till July 15th.  However a great amount of anticipation was in my mind since I followed almost every match of these teams.  This article of mine may be a pure exaggeration as some would rightly point out, but for the undying “Adrenaline rush” of a football fan in me this will be nothing more than the fight of the “super-humans”.  

Now for the “Conclusion”   

Both the teams have the dream of winning this world cup, for Spaniards this is the 7th time hovering close to the semi finals in past 60 years, while for Germany this is their 4th chance to hold the “World Cup” high in the air.  

So again I repeat Ladies and gentleman………….Make no mistake for the team that “Wins” today’s match will be remembered for the “History” and the one that “Looses” will walk with their heads held “High”


World stands will still stand still at 12.00am IST between the finish of 7th night and beginning of the 8th day on of July 2010. As the clock strikes to commence the battle befitting to be witnessed by the “GODS”.


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  • 1. RR  |  July 7, 2010 at 9:38 PM

    No, world will not stand still. It will go on; more than half the lot will be sleepy; nearly other half will be busy with their whatabouts! A few crazy, nothing-to-do fellows will sit in front of their television sets and make monkey faces, throw their arms and legs.
    No. The world will go on and on. Come what may. And so, a few other crazy fellows. They will also go on… come what may…

  • 2. harsharajgatty  |  July 8, 2010 at 2:02 PM

    And yet, “your’s truly” read & commented !!!

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