Knowing the pulse of Delhi……

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It’s almost 5 days in Delhi, slowly but gradually understanding the pulse ofthe city, it is quite easy to interact with people all over here. All you need to do is “Walk the walk and talk the talk” and then everything will fall in place all by itself. People in Delhi speak on diverse subject like politics; economics, transport and very often conversation begins at one a particular subject and ends in a different issue, but people are very warm and friendly.

No one till date has tagged me “Madrasi” but they often refer me as BABU and they call one another BHAYYIA. I don’t on what context they refer me to as BABU in Kannada sometime affectionately small kids are called as a babu. I hope they are not calling me a kid or a BACHHA.

I guess being a regular commuter of Delhi Transport Corporation or DTC, the daily commuting has acquired me couple of friends more friends whom I don’t know by name but they just come in and dash their conversation and become an acquaintance.

The moment I handed over my statistic paper this semester, thought that it would be my last tribute from me to the world of numbers for sometime. But sometime speaking things too early could turn dangerous, every day I need to remember nearly five to six sets of numbers to travel to and fro from my residence to the office like 534, 717,716,715,534A and some other as a back up.

Wish I had just paid more concentration on my Hindi reading and writing skill as much as I learnt to speak Hindi. Almost every bus that ply have their address board typed in Hindi alphabets, by the time I finish reading the entire word or sometime even half way through and signal the driver to stop, the bus would either have passed already or that would be a wrong bus.  So literally till someone stands by my side as a co-passenger in the bus stop and helps me to identify the bus its almost impossible for me to stop all alone.

The internship is going on fine had a very warm reception from the boss and colleagues. Few hours in the office also helped me to get acquainted with one of the co-intern who almost joined on the same date just like me.

Won’t be able to type much during these days, as I have to constantly work on my internship matters here in the office.

Planning to take a break this weekend either will end up in India gate,

Parliament, Chandni chowk night even take a metro for a ride, that would be a first timer…and then the following weekends may even extend by travel plans on long weekend journeys like Amrithsr, Taj Mahal and other off beat destinations. Moreover I hope to get more pictures on these place so that memories of this visit to Delhi remains concrete.


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Accidental Friendship in Delhi !!! Make no mistake gentlemen……..

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