Accidental Friendship in Delhi !!!

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It was a late evening with drizzly shower that welcomed me to Delhi as I was in a final juncture of striking a deal with a PG owner. To satisfy my hunger one of the road side Dhaba’s actually served some awesome tandoor roti for two rupees each with Dal mutter. It was a filling grump at the given price, neither did they ask me to stop eating nor did I shy away from hexagonal helping before calling it a day.

Early morning today I got ready for my office quite early at 6.45AM. As usual of a new employee, I thought of creating a best impression over my employers by reaching office early. So got up at 6.45 am put up my best clothes till finally reaching the downstairs where this girl with confused expression was waiting by the door of my neighbors flat.

I was almost through the gate when thought of giving a courtesy call to my boss ran over my mind. Over the phone I was informed that the company remains closed on Saturday, so I was expected to report to duty only on Monday. The boss ended the brief conversation by lightly ordering me saying “it’s a two day off Harsha go and discover Delhi”. Obviously it was not an assignment but then I was not prepared to take a day off therefore I came back to my room. I always believe in the dictum that goes “Everything happens for ones good”, however I couldn’t figure out what good was store in for me.

On my way back I again saw the glimpse of that same girl br the door who was still waiting for someone outside the door, she constantly pressed the bell time as though  believing some miracle would happen. I was back at my room and planning on my operation “exploring Delhi”.

As I reached downstairs this girl was still on the same spot as before, dressed in a white color salwar with some sort of hope in eyes and yet desperate. As I walked across she asked me if I knew where the residents were. I said that that I was new resident as well and didn’t know anything, with a kind of a desperate but irritated smile she started pouring down her miseries, saying that she was a student of some college abroad and she had come to meet her high school best friend after a long time and she had traveled quite far and was upset by her friends absence.

By the time she finished I was almost immune to my own personal frustration and listened to her patiently standing there as I knew that knowing more problems could not make any difference in the existing one’s. After sometime I guess she felt like she is blurting out too much information to a stranger so she apologized, as usual caught in a confused state I was thinking how to continue. So I smiled and took an excuse from her saying that I was really sorry for not being able to help her with the trouble. She smiled and said thanks anyway for listening, then I walked away.

In Delhi there are two of reacging a spot one is short cut, the other is the obvious – if you plan to take a short cut, then get ready to remember lot of names and numbers. If it’s a long cut then it’s a really a long way with only couple of places to remember e.g.: Short cut direction to my place Vasanth Kunj to a Mehroli bus stop would be: Take straight turn right at andherimode – then go by nali ka kinara- then left of doodhwaligali – from there peepal se right turn – then again 2nd red light se left – where you will find mehroli market – then finally Mehroli bus stop in front of you. But same thing on a long cut would be 5 kilometer straight and then first left by the signal. So you get the point isn’t it whether you would like to invest your brains or your muscles, the option is upto you.

Most of the people easily respond to a help request. I was quite surprised about the contradiction that people usually opinioned about Delhi that people here loose their cool too fast.

Anyways I managed to catch a bus and proceeded to Greater Kailash in search of internship location so that I oculd reach on time for the joining date. Fortunately or unfortunately the conductor directed me to Greater kailash 1 instead of 2. This I realized almost after going 3 kilometers in a wrong direction.

As I turned back almost half dead a Skoda fabia blocked my way in a screeching james bond fashion and suddenly this girl pops her head out. I felt like screaming on top of my voice like a girl when I looked at that face with unmistakably familiarity; it was the same girl who had come down to PG to meet her friend. Two things were running on my mind about this girl either she was a stalker or I was walking in front of her car all the way for 14 kilometre.

Though pretty nervous I gave this tough look of challenge with a polite smile to which she calmly responded saying “hey what are you doing?”. I had pretty much same stuff to ask her but then I told her my purpose and then asked her to justify her presence. She pointed out a huger house behind against which I was standing in the front with palacial kind of furnished wood type exterior and said “See that is my house”. I thought to myself “my doubts were right she is a rich crazy woman stalking people with her money”.

Before I could again say anything she said “chalo lets go to that place for coffee”. I was still out of cold for the shock she gave me but at the same time pretty tired myself. On my own I would never enter a coffee shop so thought of going ahead with a blank mind.

We went for a coffee and I further explained my story of internship and how she had freaked me out. The tread mill called Greater Kailash had almost made my legs numb, I was not able to sit at the same position even at the coffee shop.

Seems this girl is pursuing her Masters of commerce or something similar abroad and then we chatted some more stuff. She expressed her interest in bollywood movies and her favorite picks from Chinese, Iranian and Italian movies

After this she was kind enough to drive me all the way to my internship location, from there this girls took me around a guided tour to some popular hang out destinations like malls and multiplexes in the city. In any case it was a wonderful experience for me to travel the streets of Delhi by car instead of regular DTC.

It was almost 6 we were nearing our PG, meanwhile the girl had already called some more of her friends who joined us at the same Dhaba were I had the dinner the previous night. It was fun to eat by the road in such a large company of people whom you hardly know by name and yet feel lively. …. It was almost late, some of us exchanged our number promised to keep in touch and then we called it a day……

As for me I still cherish this sweet memory of having some accidental acquaintances at Delhi. Perhaps this restores my faith in the dictum “Everything happens for good”


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One thing about Delhi……… Knowing the pulse of Delhi……

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