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May 1, 2010 at 7:38 AM 4 comments

As I landed this day at the Delhi airport there was this mixed sense of feeling going on my mind of happiness, excitement, loneliness was creeping in my mind. Stepping out of the Delhi airport terminal I saw some beautiful emotional reception of tears and joy of home comming by a family for their dear one’s. At this junture for the first time I had a feeling of missing home.But I guess this is common when certain things affect us and our life, then it is upon us to avoid such deterrance and move on.

The interesting question that popped up in my mind standing there was “NOW WHAT TO DO”Call it the story of “TWO STATES” or “TALE OF THREE CITIES” for the past 18 hours I have had my breakfast in Karnataka, lunch at Goa and then the dinner at Delhi…..

Interestingly or stupidly somehow I assumed that it was possible to tackle hush-bush of Delhi with two books – “LEARN HINDI IN THIRTY DAYS” and “THE DELHI MAP”. When I told this to one my three point of contact at Delhi over the phone today she could not excuse herself from bursting into laughter on my face at the choice of my survival kit in Delhi.

Infact she was right, a few hours after my arrival, venturing out to the city in the late evening all alone I realized that there was a huge contrast in the small 5 lettered name of this place “DELHI” and its huge structure.

A rough look at the spectacles at Delhi would make one assume this city is a huge museum of architectural wonders, some new and others reminding telling stories of the distant memory lane of our country. Every since my childhood I had always heard or seen this place on my 21inch television and at occasion must have also underestimated it size, but it is only now that I witness its huge and mammoth size that would humble even the mightiest ego.

The roads are broad and straight, every alternative building is like a huge mall, it is interesting to note that while the old heritage buildings magnify their style on the horizontal style of architecture i.e. the building are wide in its breadth or the carpet area is broader corresponding to its height. The modern buildings on the other hand assert their superiority on the basis of vertical height of their structure. This notion can be perceived in two ways either it is the influence of English and American model or the economic dynamics owing to the price of real estate.    

Unlike other metropolitan cities which are glamorous in articulating their developments and wonders. This city has always stayed ahead in progress letting its work speak for itself maintaining its gentlemanly spirit of silence.

If Mumbai is land of dreams, then Delhi is the land for the ambitious

It is my first visit to this city and I already feel absorbed by its virtue of its hospitality. Will be here for another two and a half months and may have more to tell about

This is the story of one city… living its everyday life….. This is the story of Delhi……. THE RAJDHANI !!!


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  • 1. Crystal  |  May 1, 2010 at 7:04 PM

    Hey. Nice to hear from you. Please do take snaps. well, now your so far away from us that too in north. Sounds like far like north pole. How z the weather there??? Have a good time.

  • 2. harsharajgatty  |  May 1, 2010 at 7:34 PM

    HI Crystal….. Yeah I have snaps but I cannot upload momentarily….. Yesterday there was this first rain of the season as I reached Delhi !!! Saw some awesome Lightning while in airplane !!!

  • 3. UDAYKANT  |  June 29, 2010 at 1:23 AM

    I Want More info Abt delhi N its Back History n historical Places..But Kindly I Want to know the metter In Hindi Language if psble bcoz I Want to read It n than I Share All thing With other Persoon Of this World…So If Psble plz b Helpful

    MOB: +919998448155

  • 4. harsharajgatty  |  July 6, 2010 at 3:38 PM

    Please send me your email address Mr. Mehta, will be glad to contribute….

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