Days of our lives !!!

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The notion of social norm or mannerism sometime forces upon us certain actions that we perform robotically without thinking or reasoning. I mean, even the dog knows the reason for wagging its tail, so as social animals shouldn’t we at least try to find logic in the way we do things?

It is a fact that we human beings are the most comical characters living ever since the origin of this planet. While reflecting over these unquestioned actions which I myself executed so beautifully like an army drill, the thought made me wonder why I did such things to myself.

Walking down the steps of the concrete hallway of my old high school, I along with my old buddies recollected several nostalgic memories that made us laugh out for drilling ourselves into some embarrassing moments. Since even I was the part of that brat group even I had many scenes which makes me embarrassed at the very thought of it.

Buying my First Suit

It was during my 10th standard exam that the entire batch of high school friends decided to have black suit as the uniform dress code for School day celebration. It took a great deal of time, patience & effort to convince parents to buy a brand suit for school day celebration.

Obviously the idea of a suit came from probably by a Bollywood or a Hollywood movie and that blanketed our commonsense of Mangalore summer.

On the D-DAY every one of us literally broke into sweat as the day progressed because of the heat. The program was only through halfway but we had already stripped ourselves from that over coat & looked like hotel bell-boys.

Our parents who were the special invitees for the occasion gave an assassins look for going against their advice and then not wearing the suit. It was more than what we could ask for, so we had to drape ourselves with that carpet thick stuff again. To worsen things my friend’s mother went onstage to narrate the incident & made us a laughter stock. No soon the program came to an end we started swearing and cursing one another for the “GREAT” suit idea.

Mobile showoff !!!

We were more influenced to follow the footsteps of Bill Gates who made his first million dollars unconventionally therefore we never focused on our studies during our 10th board exam. However our parents were a little pessimist of our Gates foundation so we were forced to college.

To compensate for shattering dreams, my parents decided to gift me with a brand new cell phone. Since I was among the very few students who owned a cell phone, we formed a small group of mobile showoffs. Those cell phones were like our identity and we flashed it almost everywhere as it brought us reputation or so we thought. Even in public transport we played the polytone sound or talk at a very high pitch to show our presence.

On certain occasion even today when I see some student or any other showing off mobile phone with its shrill volume. Though it may look crazy I just can’t stop smiling, occasionally I also break into a laugh thinking of my past.

Table manners please…..

Dinning with the teachers’ family was the treat for a student for securing good marks in the concerned subject; however this day it was something else. While battling out food with fork and knife instead my own hand, the chicken from my plate somehow jumped into the only TOORDAL serving container meant for my teacher’s vegetarian mother.

Now let’s see, a boy manages to get this rare honor faring through his studies, finally a Chicken Embargo’s him from his teacher’s home. Great!!! No wonder this teacher did not invite me for the wedding of his children.

At the end of the day !!!

It was a casual reunion of friends who grew up together since their Kindergarten & walked all the way up to the Pre-university College, till our endeavors took us apart. It was a half day gathering but all of us were able to recollect thousands of memory that made us laugh and cry all through our childhood.

Out of several topics we spoke, I decided to mention about these embarrassing moments because till this day these memories had kept me haunting and kept me running away from it.

So finally after writing this piece my mind is a little more relaxed and at peace ….


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