A Village drive and A Cutting chai……

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Trying to overcome the unbearable heat of Mangalore city coupled with examination, extra curricular and other assignment pressure made me go bonkers. So I finally decided to break free from my regular routine. The same day after the completion of the 2nd internal examination I grabbed my bike and drove approximately 55 kilometer towards Mangalore rural.

It was comparatively a long drive but I really wanted this type of break for a long time. As I drove through National Highway 42 there was this small isolated diversion that always used to capture my attention during my earlier travels but never had a chance to explore it. So I gathered that the time had come to get lost from life, so I followed this uneven muddy path.

A five minute drive in this interior drive through brought me to this some small village settlement. The pattern of this village establishment was quite different there was one residential structure for every 200 meters in between open agricultural fields. Still about 500 meters down the road there was this huge agricultural cultivated land with a tractor standing motionless in its midst. It was quite surprising to see that this village had no electric facility; somehow it was isolated from the developmental map of the administration.

The farmers who had toiled all day among the field sowing food crops seemed to be returning home. The chatter-patter of these gentlemen farmer who were in a group of twenty or so could be heard even up to the distances of 500 meters.

As this crowd came closer I caught some close up pictures of these farmers with my camera which was with me. The children’s accompanying this group were immediately attracted by the camera and they herded me with their curiosity.  The kids then guided me to different locations with awesome picturesque scenario. I was also able to visit this huge play ground which had a school in its remote corner.

The sun seemed to have some sort of mood swings and the mixture of color palate made it quite evident. The texture of the sky on this particular day had a combination of yellow soft bulb light shade along with the beam of pinkish orange hue as in a cocktail fusion. The climate of this romantic evening and the soft breeze whistling-by filled the senses with so many ideas and thoughts of being in paradise.

I was also quite amazed the way these children of seven to twelve adapted themselves to the technology of the camera. They also insisted me to click several photographs of themselves along with their friends and later asked to showcase it on the display screen. So I had this golden opportunity to photograph several Hrithik Roshan’s and Salman Khan’s all at one location asking their silver lining “Mera number Kab ayega”.

It was almost 20 minutes since the last kid left home after being called by his mother, all alone I waded alone towards the school complex to get some photograph. It was then this creepy feeling of being lonely in the entire ground that entered my mind. I must confess that this spooky feeling of being in this gigantic place quickly made me rush my way towards the bike almost scampering.

I was above to drive away but in about 100 meters from the school ground I had a chance encounter of this canteen. As I entered this makeshift mobile canteen a quick scan made me realize that I could recognize some familiar faces which greeted me with a warm smile. Quickly I realized that these were the same farmers whom I had met across the field earlier in the evening.

It seemed that this was the regular hangout of these gentlemen who used this place for some regular chatter patter, while waiting for a quick bite. The crowd very warmly accommodated me and then they engaged me in some lighter conversation. They asked my whereabouts and the purpose of my visit very casually, while introducing themselves.

The spontaneous chat session covered politics, economics, social activism and so many other topics and in a short span they made me feel at home.

I was able to notice that these people are quite serious about their food because the moment the food entered the dining area there was this dead silence as people settled down bite their share of palate. Every morsel of the food was chewed and relished with utmost respect to the different flavor and with due regards to the finest cooking skill of the chef of the mobile canteen.

This food was like a reward for these hard working unsung soldiers of the nation who drive70% of the economy. I couldn’t be more proud but honorably associate myself with their way of life of these great gentlemen. I just loved to slurp the tea with a frequency of along sound against the etiquette books of my father.

The price of the food in this canteen did not exceed the price tag of more than 7 rupees so being a foodie I had a big excuse to stuff myself. But then the farmers further extended their warm hospitality by exempting me from paying for my snack.

One of the elderly gentlemen thanked me for taking his sons picture, I was about to say “Don’t mention sir, that’s all right”, but almost immediately he added “now take my picture with my friends”. OOOPS!!! I hadn’t thought about this scene.

Yes exactly, it meant that for the next fifteen minute I had to take picture of the father of the future Hritik Roshan and Salman Khan.

By the end of my short expedition I was almost filled to the brim, but again was insisted to have the dinner at one of the farmer’s home. It was almost 10.00clock as I promised to post all the photographs to the postal address of the mobile canteen owner.

Then it was a 1 hour journey back to my home in the dark nostalgic night.


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