My Name is Gatty say GHA from the epiglottis…

March 15, 2010 at 1:49 PM 1 comment

I know that the title sounds “VERY ORIGINAL”, but it is only to clarify the pronunciation of my name which became “GYAATTI” instead GATTY while in Bangalore . We were notified by our HOD, that  Mr. N. Ram; the editor in chief of The Hindu would attend a seminar conducted by St Josephs College, Bangalore.

Since Mr. N.RAM’s name was added in the invitation, we the students from the MCMS department made some quick travel plans to meet this living legend. But tickets were not available both in bus and train for this 360 kilometer journey as it was  a weekend. But our desperation got better of us and we decided to travel 12 hours to Bangalore sitting in a general compartment of a train.

Initially we are all excited about the heroism involved in traveling such a long distance for the sake of the academics. But this 12 hour of journey gave us the enlightenment on the topic called “Underestimating trouble” authored by MCMS students. It turned out that since it was a weekend the train was crowded beyond its maximum capacity. So we had to rush like the victims of a Mad cow diseases to hunt a decent seating space in the general compartment as soon as the train halted.

We realized that our efforts had paid off only when we realized that we had not only managed to enter the boogie with our hands and legs on their joints but get sufficient number of seat to accommodate everyone in the group.

After some time we settled down in the compartment and tried to distract ourselves with something or the other. One of my friends took a royal privilege of defeating me twice in the game of chess, first in three andthen in sixteen moves respectively. As I sat there ashamed of my glorious defeat my victorious friend boasted of his achievements and embarrassed me the whole night.

As the night passed by, the journey was taking its toll the excitement on our face gradually disappeared as we desperately looked for a space to sleep in the sitting chair class.  It was during these moments of struggle I found VEERU SAHASTRA BHUDDHI’S theory of competition quite true, as all of us started kicking, pulling, falling on one another to have a comfortable selfish sleep.

Even I caught up a decent two hour sleep in the luggage berth on the top; however the Indian railway seemed to be quite aware of rascals like me who try to make most of it by purchasing a ticket for a merge sum. Therefore they had dismantled three out of five wooden bars of the luggage berth, so that it can accommodate only a narrow suitcase and not people. So as you can rightly imagine the whole night I slept like a trapeze artiste trying to balance while sleeping.

Early morning we were welcomed by the cold chill of Bangalore and I tried messaging some of my contacts in the city.  We had an interesting chap from the organizers as an escort who was quite familiar Bangalore and its romance with the economics and politics of Karnataka.

Here one of this coordinator called me “GYAATTI” instead GATTY everytime.On several occasion I thought of correcting him and make use of his Epiglottis to pronounce  “GHA” instead of “GYAA” but then I thought why to make my name an issue? However this is where my assumption went wrong, because for the next two days everyone in the host college found “GYAATTI” as a peculiar name and with one pretext or another they would call me out loud so that everyone else could here it.


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  • 1. wilma  |  March 16, 2010 at 10:05 AM

    GYATTI well written……. i wish you would have put the snaps which you clicked….. we really had a very good time over there…
    Actually BETTY sounds better than GYATTI i feel…

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