So its time for Valentines……….

February 13, 2010 at 5:02 PM 1 comment

So the V-day is finally here on February 14, universally acknowledged as Valentines Day. However everyone observes this day according to their own priority of preset tasks.

On this particular day I have observed several of my friends being quite hyperactive as though they have been hit by a steroid from cupid’s arrow, they seem to be all over the place with a never say die attitude.     

On this day expression of love can be addressed to anyone, be it between friends, boyfriend/Girlfriend, among family members, parent & kids, spouse and everyone for that matter. The whole day is not only eventful with the presence of couples all over the places but also colorful; one step outside the four walls will immediately transport one to a host of colorful bliss.

It seems the color codes on this day have primary significance: 

Red: Means Engaged i.e. these people are already seeing dating someone and therefore they are not ready to accept new proposals. While the red one’s celebrating this day would go along with their would-be on a special date to a restaurant or a long drive.

Green: No they are not vegetarians, they are the ones without any particular plans and they are interested in observing the rituals of the day. Some of them even plan for this official day to sign the “DECLARATION OF LOVE” for an entire calendar year of 364 days.

Yellow: No offence I am very much amused with this “ONLY FRIENDS TYPE” of people, they are a perfect role models for a government advertisements from the Ministry of family welfare. These guys desperately want to explore the mysterious excitement of this day, but yet they pretend to be neutral by highlighting themselves in yellow. It’s like they want to be a part of the celebration, but don’t want to be associated with it.  

White: “I WILL BE THERE FOR YOU ” These are the bunch of Jigsaw puzzles are called friends, who can’t find any better person or reason for not celebrating this day but with one another.

Friends usually hang out on malls and have lunch or dinner together on this occasion and end up shelling a lot of hard cash on buying gifts to their Bestestestestestest friends. Having friends always makes us feel wanted because at the end of the day it is always better to know that we are at least cared by some.   

The above color codes are observation specific and I cannot assure if they are universally applicable. But then again who cares for the technicality on this day all that matters is showing someone that you really care or expressing your soft corner for someone.

If you find any other color other than on the streets than these then it probably means:

  1. They forgot about their date.
  2. They dont observe this day.
  3. They have stored their dress for the final countdown.
  4. They have just broken up and repeatedly assert that they do have faith in love anymore.
  5. Or finally they probably belong to an organization that does not allow believe in expressing love.

Interestingly I found this group of intellects that has come up with a theoretically justification for not celebrating this day according to them “LOVE CAN BE EXPRESSED AT ALL THE TIME OF THE YEAR THEN WHY PARTICULAR ON THIS DAY” Now this is one of the reason why I love India, for every thesis there is a hypothesis and unique interpretation.

In any case what’s the harm in enjoying one sunday in a unique way instead of spending it like just another weekend.

Anyways for all you guys celebrating “Valentines Day” have a wonderful day and time with you loved ones.  Else enjoy your weekend.


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Adjust Complain or Lead Not that noble after all………..

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  • 1. wilma  |  February 14, 2010 at 10:01 PM

    happy valentines day……

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