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Human beings have been classified into various categories with regards to their intelligence, appearance race, religion, gender and all the other type of quantifiable and qualitative assessments. A famous quote once defined human beings only as a social animal, however today it is conclusive that human beings are anything but simple beings. Complexity is found in almost every aspect of human behavior, the way we talk, act, think and behave in different circumstances.

It wouldn’t be apt on my part to assert my study as a experience as I have a lot more to learn from life. But due to interaction with people from different walks of life, I have slightly developed a skill of systematic observation. Mostly I observe behavior, body language, action and reactions of people on various situations, on the basis of social activism or the role of individuals in the society people can be divided into three types.  


 “Live and let live” in simple words seems to be the belief system of the adjusters who are quite contented in minding their own business. Adjusters take minimum risk and commitment for the society. They do not bother to interfere in other’s matter unless they are either directly or indirectly affected by it. Their words and actions are a calculated and measured in usage EG: If an adjusters come across a pothole on the road they would rather go around it mumbling few curses on City Corporation for poor maintenance than taking some initiative to resolve the matter.  


Complaining about someone or something is a universal practice of expressing grievance among human being. But complaining can be effective only if it is addressed through a proper channel or through a person concerned. However this practice of complaining is taken for granted by many complainants. It is one of the favorite national pastimes which has even inspired several television serials, with special reference to “K” serials. Complainants are the one’s take every opportunity or forum to express their grievances any where anytime. However they usually use most of their potential either in kitchen gossip or even better to crib during their leisure.

It is either that the complainants are not aware of the proper mechanism to get their problems resorted or they just do not have enough conviction to highlight objections. In any case they end up taking no action for justice and just end up as complainants.

Change leaders/ agents

These people take the entire limelight in the society due to their extraordinary ways of expressing the matter. Usually the heroes or the change agents or the leaders of the society are characterized for having upright conviction and moral integrity while bringing justice to their cause.

Their innovative methods of resolving social evils or initiation of a new thought process can mould the outlook of the entire generation’s altogether.  These are the people who are instinctive experts in identifying the roots of the problem and systematically engage with it Head on.

The leaders are mostly portrayed very gloriously in cinemas inspiring the audience to be like them. However what the cinemas don’t show is the stiff resistance, disagreements, hardships and the patience that these leaders face during their years of struggle to float new ideas. Usually the leaders of these societies owe a lot of sacrifices in terms of family and relationships, money and sometime even life.

The novel ideas of these revolutionary thinkers have left an ever lasting impact on the entire humankind and yet it is difficult to believe that these mere mortals are just made of flesh and blood like you and me.  The reason I pursued to understand the above differences is to know the order of my belongingness to the particular group.

“I tried being an ignorant … but the problems kept on haunting me

I tried to complain but nobody would listen

Then I decided to face them, now I can’t find problems anymore”

Not even half way through being an agent of change I have realized that it is not bed of roses. But then this beautiful romance that I derive with success achieved after a long struggle boosts the moral to confront more challenges.


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