Reaction to 1st Semester Results

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Saturday afternoon I called up my mother to tell her that, a decent 75% figure was on my report card this semester. At first I received congrats from her, but then immediately she started her usual speech and comparison on “How her colleagues’ son got 93% in his exam and how I keep a target of 95% for the examinations in the future. Earlier I used to argue at this point and express my frustration, but I am quite used to the drill, so I know exactly how to behave. I kept on saying, okay…….okay…..okay and that’s it … after sometime she had to attend her work and then “Alls well that ends well”.

The college notice board which otherwise would remain like a barren desert was crowded with students. I was planning to go home after a glimpse on my results but then I met one of my old acquaintances and got engaged in conversation. With nothing much to do I started off with my bad habit of observing student reactions after knowing their results. The college had suddenly turned into a film set of RAJASHREE productions with a mixture of all sorts of emotions from students pouring with relatives and friends to see their results. 

Its bad manners, but I must confess that I could not resist eavesdropping to conversation among students. A group of guys with spike haircut and the photo print of Cheguvera on their t-shirts were seriously discussing the prospectus of joining their family business, supporting their parents and leading a good life: The reason was quite obvious; they had flunked in their exams and did not have any alternative plans so they had to pack their bags back to home. 

Regular toppers who had secured less mark than their competitors made their best effort to hide their regret by pasting an artificial smile on their face. Their eyes were almost red with moisture of tears which they must have washed of few minutes back. If eyes could kill, there would have been a mass grave of toppers who had secured more marks than these less fortunate. Some other students were just wailing and trying to justify how officials at correction centre were unfair with their papers.

Quite strangely there were some students who seem to worry about those who had not managed well in their exam. I really felt appreciating the efforts of these noble souls who were preaching others to focus on other important things of life than securing good marks. It was an exceptional service I felt, but then a little enquiry over the matter just revealed the true picture about these people. These creeps were the 1st rank holders in their respective batches and had no reason to worry whatsoever they would be probably receiving their gold medal from the university very soon and hence they were being Mother Theresa’s.

Jeeps and bikes were roaring, some of them had started vrooming towards the nearest party house for celebrating whatever results they got.

My association would definitely be the “The free-spirits” GROUP – The one with their own mind. So 50% in theory and the 75% in practical would just be my cup of tea.

As of now heading to café – coffee Day.


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