Is Photography an Science or an Art………….

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Recently I heard some interesting questioning on the fundamental concept of the photography. As they say listening to new ideas brings you closer to a subject and this is how it all started.


The point of discussion was whether photography is an art or a science, being an amateur and a hobbyist photographer myself the spontaneous flow of thoughts of the participants against the old conventional ideas hiked my curiosity towards the debate. I had my own reservation regarding the matter at first but then after listening to the volley-ball of dialogues from both the sides I decided to do some research on the matter before drawing a conclusion.

However I would also like to welcome any kind of further interpretation that would either contribute to the understanding of photography or submit an alternative theory. 

An artist arranges his art-palette with different colors, erects the painting canvas at a proper height and chooses an appropriate painting brush to illustrate his creativity. Then with a synchronized movement of wrist muscle, the artist strokes the canvas with a right amount of pressure from the brush to create a masterpiece. Now can we address this artist as a “colour scientist” and his art-work as an “invention of science” because he used colours that are made out of chemical?

Then how can we say photography is a science just because it needs a little understanding of film developing technology from the photographer.

Like the above given example of a paint artiste even the photographers need to have an in-depth knowledge on all the materials being used for photography. Unlike the pursuit for perfection by the scientist in science for a definite outcome, a photographer can never claim to have captured a perfect image. A photographer can only try to capture his subject using his best judgment of his creative techniques and imaginary skills.

As the proverb quotes “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, hence it is not necessary that everyone shares a similar opinion on a photograph. Since both admiration and criticism is a subjective concept, the audience becomes the ultimate judge to interpret this art both as an admirer and a critic.

As a conclusion I would like to add that photography is an art that tries to entice the visual sense of its audience and often speaks louder than words.


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