Just finished my first Directorial Debut……..

January 14, 2010 at 6:35 PM 1 comment

I finally get time to tap something on my laptop…. Not that I was in a busy schedule or something but for the first time I was directing a movie. It was a short film called     “The-Barricade” which is supposed to exhibit my skill on broadcast media. Since it was for the first time I involved myself in a film production as a director, I could learn many new things.  

Usually onscreen a director is represented by a guy who has all the wonderful equipment of the world under his footsteps with a round-hat and a chair. But in reality my theory would say that director had to be a multi-tasking person who is sandwiched between defining creativity and justifying to the producer.

Though the title says “Director”, directing people was the least and last authority I had especially with my crew. Especially since it was a non-commercial movie, it involved no remuneration to the participants of the production process. I had to squeeze almost all the experience of my life to negotiate, convince, influence and yet maintain patience with the regular changes that came with the production process. 

Starting with the sacred task of convincing the story board with the script for approval, then scouting for locations, making the actors understand their character sketch, capturing shots at night with artificial lighting, working with the sound co-ordination department, constantly talking over the phone to co-ordinate with all the things, demanding meticulousness from editors, convincing storyboard about the needed leniency in script alterations and finally running short of limited budget constantly. 

Since I needed some online material I stayed at home for couple of days and also had to face the music from my parents who were unhappy with my check-in and check-out time. Moreover the regular classes from 9 to 5 left me with little options but to edit the movie at night.

Now after cribbing all the way from the beginning if I have led to an assumption that this story ends like every other “Lived happily ever type” then lets pull-up the handbrakes at once. Because when I reviewed the captured shots we realized that the lighting had given way for a major error some scenes had totally blacked-out and it took some very good patience of my editor for improvisations.

In my opinion the movie has turned out to be okay for amateur with a lot of scope for improvement. But the efforts that the cast had put by working18 hours after class without a decent break and the technical crew sat on the editing table for 20 hours non stop to get the project done. My friends I prostrate before you for you unquestioned trust and co-operation.

As for me, I have gained a lot of experience being the part of the process and probably will work on the errors on the next projects. As of now will vrooming to my PG and be dead in the bed till tomorrow morning…. Happy Sankranthi to all


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Nine resolution for 2010 Killing ego for Good………

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  • 1. shootingstarsfest  |  January 14, 2010 at 7:10 PM

    hey…congrats,lookin forword for ur movies.

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