Nine resolution for 2010

December 30, 2009 at 11:38 PM Leave a comment

So finally it’s the end of 2009 and the arrival of the first decade of this new millennium. As a formality even I am engrossed in preparing a list of New Year resolution for the following year, while underlining every possible loophole I can take to those commitments. 

The word Resolution when split in two words forms “Re – solution”, sounds like it has something to do with finding new solution or doing things the right way.  The season of resolution also gives an excuse for some of us to justify our sudden change in behavior instead of embarrassingly admitting our mistakes.

To err is human they say, hence I have good number of reasons to make plenty of commitments of betterment.

 The first and foremost priority of this entire year is to pass in the statistic paper this semester, which has been playing “Thandava” in my academics.  Even if I just pass on this paper I promise to three more calculations as a pledge.  

Gotta maintain that 70kilo of luggage in my biology for the entire year, so it means I need to distance myself away from food and embrace exercise. Can life be more horrible than this? 

Want to gobble these yummy delicacies at least once like lobster, Turkey, Caviar, Dark chocolate, Dokhla, Sushi, Chocolate shot, Ice-peda, cheese cake and Tiger prawns. Must hunt for these food and consume as early as possible. Invite me if you are preparing any of the above. 

Need to learn preparing more food items; other than preparing noodles, boiling water, steaming egg.

Also need to put up the habit of listening to new ideas in spite of contradiction. 

It’s hard fact for me to digest that in the world there are 5 billion people and I have just 78 friends and around 100 other acquaintance in total. So I need to make more friends and network with more people transcending all kinds of discriminating barriers.   

Actively need to involve in festivities celebration of different communities of India which is celebrated in a rich traditional and glamorous way be it religious communities or ideological groups 

Seriously need to improve my handwriting which the government is in the verge of either banning or declaring it as a new Lippi or a language. 

On weekly basis must watch newly released movies on first day first show basis. 

The above are the only few things I can grasp to improve at ASAP criteria… If you have any other suggestion that I need to look upon immediately please feel free to recommend.


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