Life at 70…….

December 27, 2009 at 10:10 PM 2 comments

No no…. I have not yet turned 70years old, that event may take some time. But right now I have managed to shed 20 kilos of all the excess carbohydrate, protein, mineral and those wonderful discoveries of biology from my body and proudly i weight arround 70Kgs.

This outcome is the result of two months of labourious routine to convert myself from the Incredible Hulk to Peter parker of Spiderman. The first phase of this effort was in the month of January where I got down to 80 Kilos and the second phase started from this December and settled at 70 Kilos.

Obviously the journey of weight loss was not pleasant, you see I am very emotional about food: the agony, the pain and the suffering that I had to undergo by sacrificing those yummy foods in the refrigerator, the height of courage that demanded me to say no for second helping and all that is still lingers in my grieved memory.

I had to cut-short my food intake from a Elephant diet to a human mode, drink gallons of water on regular basis and then walk for about an hour a day. Yes of course there were times when psychologically I felt like quitting this regimental routine, but then somehow the will power took over the mind and urged me to move on.

 Now having reached the either side of the shore, it’s nice to see good number of people cheering at my accomplishment and my days of struggle were worth it.

Don’t know the medically proven advantages of weight loss as I never bothered to study that, Maybe Dr. Xorkes would like us to help with that. But the immediate “5 points advantages popping-up in my mind are:

  • Bike started giving more mileage due to 20 kg less load.
  • Brought new belt to tighten pants.
  • Using less cloth material to stitch clothes.
  • Spending less on food, saving more cash for movie and stuff.
  • Standing upright I am able to see my own feet without leaning forward and so on………

At the vote of thanks: I would like to thank my mother for provoking me to loose weight by buying me a tight fit retro-style trouser as a birthday present, when I was 90 kilos and asked me to fit in when I have lost weight.

Today finally I have fit in perfectly.


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  • 1. Ligoury Mendonca  |  January 4, 2010 at 4:33 PM

    Dear Harsha, On all that you have sent me,I am only pleased. Kindly keep it up.
    Thank you.
    Ligoury Sir.

  • 2. harsharajgatty  |  January 4, 2010 at 7:43 PM

    Thank you very much sir..for your encouraging words

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