Who let the Rains out….ufff…uff…uf…uf

December 5, 2009 at 11:41 AM Leave a comment

I wonder what’s happening up above the world so high……

 There is something called timing for everything right? Then what on earth is this going on… It was indeed hard to believe when a day before yesterday it started raining on cats’ and dogs and other things like me in Mangalore accompanied by some heavy thunderstorm and lightning. Once again I was the victim of this unpunctual schedule of rain from the sky; along with me even my bag which had the laptop got drenched.

I had to take the laptop to the service centre, just to check if the rain water had penetrated inside the hardware. About an hour later when I returned to collect it, the laptop was lying motionless on the service table wired from all direction like a patient in an ICU unit.

The shop space was filled to its maximum capacity but it was quite interesting. This another customer standing next to me was royally yelling at the shop owner for delay in service. Seems they had not given him his Laptop for the past three weeks.

It seemed to me that this angry middle-aged man is working in some college or something. Though I did not dare to meet eye to eye with this guy due to his short circuit, a quick scan at him gave me a possible sketch about who he was. His dressing sense was very  formal with those check pattern and neatly combed, however there was some white powdered dust on his shoulder and same kind of white powder pattern over his pant pocket also on his sleeves, there was also this bag hanging on his left shoulder.

Moreover the words which he royally used to yell at the techies were quite new and provocative, which may be difficult to find in office, I guess. The word were infact so sophisticated that I was impressed and that computer guy had a million dollar look of confusion on his face as though he was just trying to figure out its meaning in his MS-Brain software.  Anyway for me as well as other customers it was a total amusement and some of other customer even joined the tune of this angry young man though they had nothing to do with the matter.

My moment of fun was cut short when one of the techies, who for whatsoever reason had worn pink coloured pant with white colour belt operating my Laptop came up to me and said that my laptop had accumulated moisture, but it would survive.

In any case the rain is supposed to be from June to September right? Then what is it doing now, this is the season when snow and Santa Claus is expected to visit earth any moment. 

However on a serious note….I just wonder if these erratic monsoon tendencies are signs of Global climate shift….


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