Whats your Raashi???

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Whats your Raashi?

whats-your-rashiI know I am one of the last creatures to watch the movie “Whats your Raashi?” irrespective of different mixed reactions from others. I liked the movie to certain extent because of its fresh and humorous concept. According to me no one but Priyanka Chopra could have justified so many characters with such an ease and excellence.

Impact of the movie on me!!!

After watching the movie this afternoon I am kinda impressed with the method that protagonist adopts to search his life partner.

taurusIt’s not the matter whether I believe in “Raashi”or not, but out of curiosity I have gone one step further with this Raashi thing… today whole afternoon I browsed internet pages to compare my “Taurus” Raashi with all the other Raashians to see the best Raashi compatible with mine on a long term relationship. The result of this research was quite interesting and unexpected but then again there are other factors also which determine relationship between people.

Please don’t be surprised if you find me asking around “WHATS YOU RAASHIIII?”

Released on parole

Finally 1st semester exams are over today and the feeling is not like freedom from jail but then it is something like being released on a Parole (temporarygetoutofjail freedom). But then freedom is freedom as of now I can’t think of anything but living life king size.



Music of Tum Mile

Right now listening to the music of “TUM MILE” for 3rd of 4th time, it wastum-mile-movie-pre-release-review-10092 for my room mate who wanted to pass it to his friend but then after listening to the song I myself fell in love with it. Especially the love reprise version of “Tum mile” is quite with a feel.


My new pet “MACY”

By the way I was on my way to broadcast community radio SARANG107.8MHz; I adopted a small stray puppy and named it “MACY”, a playful puppy full of life; however going by her tiny size she is quite timid when other dogs pass by, she uses lower deck of car to hide and avoid trouble.puppy-garbage

Anyways it’s almost a month since I have been meeting “MACY” regularly in the college campus at 6.oo AM. If I sometime reach too early to the studio then she would camp around my bike and starts sniffing the storage area of the bike because she knows that I get biscuits or some other food stuff for her. I thought of posting her picture on the blog but due to exam pressure, I have not been able to go to studio as well meet “MACY”.

I will be going to studio for broadcast tomorrow I brought a cool purple collar for her and next month as soon as I get my monthly “LAAGAN” I plan to take her to the veterinary and get her vaccinated.


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