“Mungaru Maleye Yeenu Ninna Hanigala Leele”

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“Mungaru Maleye Yeenu Ninna Hanigala Leele”

DewDropsGreenLeaf1 The above is the first line of the song from the movie “Mungaru Male” “translated in English as “Rain of the season what are the wonders of your dew drops”……… This song is one of most famous Kannada romantic number both for the love-bitten & the heartbroken.

love bitBut right now I am neither…………The reason for my hear brokesudden recollection of this song is the heavy drizzle in Mangalore, that has caught plants, cats, dogs, human beings, building construction, public meetings……everyone and everything off-guard.


As the Mangalore city corporation classifies me under “human beings” even I was there somewhere taking shelter from this strong drizzle under the old library. 

toronto_thunder-storm_001The rain is accompanied by the traditional rock band from the high-sky normally referred by the scientist as “thunder”. It sounds like some heavy metal band playing the title song from the album “GHUDUM GHUDUM” and “KRRRAHKADAKHADUM”. Not soothing to listen but the creation seems to be quite unique; I guess its good enough to be classified under “High art” of Mass culture.

playing_with_the_rainIt seems that even the rain is trying to assert its importance in a city where people are getting busier by day. Today, right now is the second time of this month that people of Mangalore are suddenly caught in this confused weather.


Have the Rain and the winter season mixed up their time table?


Is it some sort of ego trouble between the two?


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So you think its a fake……? Just watch this Video…….

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