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ist2_2493748-final-exam-2Just finished 2 out of 5 eggjams and there are few more to go till 13th of this month. The exams are quite interesting and unique as it gives the option to the candidates to answer it in any possible way and justify it according to the theory.

ConcentrateFrontBut during the exam my biggest problem is concentrating at study time. Somehow only during the revision time my mind is bombarded with all sorts of thoughts and ideas starting from:

Why a tea without sugar more expensive?

Why there is no coconut sprinkled on the noodles?

Just like there is North and south Indian thali why don’t we have an Indian Thali?

So you get it right, I know that you have good reason to think that I have gone bonkers, but then this is the issue I have been facing right from the time they started teaching that geometry and algebra.

mediceniMy family has tried all type of recipe on me: like feeding me some trees, I mean plant, homemade chajji-bajji, traditional and foreign decoctions, granny’s recipe, memory books, Google search and all the things which people would usually avoid at the death row. But everything seems to be worthless.

sleep-learningDuring one of the previous nights of the exam after studying till late night 11.30pm, I decided to dose-off. I had barely closed my eyes when suddenly the alarm went-on. Initially I thought that I had set the alarm in a wrong mode but then to my horror I realized that it was 06.00AM already. I didn’t even realize when the time expressed so fast…… this was the worst thing that had ever happened to me. What else to do? I had to get back to revise.

By the way my Punjabi friends from Delhi who is studying in Mumbai seems to be one of the detailed readers of the blog. She always tries to dash in some topic posted in my blog during her email communications. The other day I tried to greet her in some innocent Punjabi via email and she responded to me in her sophisticated English (talk about communication barriers)

A higher primary school boy from Bangalore calls me and passes regards for a passage on Karnataka Rajyotsava seems it helped him to gather a rough picture to form a composition for a class assignment.

surpriseOh right…..I have received an invitation from a friend to attend a surprise birthday party so gotta sign off now at 10.15AM, November 07.


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