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October 17, 2009 at 9:31 AM 2 comments

funny-answers-from-exams31Hi people …… just got over with the second semester examination….. as of now got two answer scripts which fetched me close to the border line of securing my second distinction this semester. However you never know when things can change in this examinations, so keeping my fingers crossed.

By the way one of my friend who is also a blogger blasted at me because of my habbit of bombarding the email addresses of my friends with my blog updates.

The tone of logic really poured some sense in my brains, he said “just because you have the right to express, it doesnt mean you need pour it on others. So professionally speaking….please spare everyone the horror and send links only to those only who have told you to do so”

1968_Censor_CertificateNote:I had to censor several “Words”  or “Lingo” of the advice  as per cinematography act 1957, keeping the interest of the diverse audience in mind (you do know how some people get irritated and use the Right of Free speech royally…Isnt it ???).

The style in which the advice was deivered was less of “thought provoking” and more of “fight provoking“, but since it was the best peice I had listened from him for a very long time, i subsided my anger tentatively and listened. He was actually right – the basic understanding of Rights of free speech and expression in Indian constitution is that – “Your rights end where my nose begins”, So I need to keep my rights to myself.

After this brief thought process we need to arrive at a conculsionRight ?….

So after this post in you inbox. Please let me know wheather i shall send the blog links to your email address or you will be able to refer it yourself, also please suggest if I should improve the flow of my writing or any other related suggestion.

So a message either to my inbox or in the coment space below this article.


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Wish me Best for X-am Now the world says “JAI HO”

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  • 1. deepa  |  October 17, 2009 at 7:56 PM

    hi harsha…as usual ur todays post was really interesting…yes you can definately improve ….this is what i feel….

  • 2. wilma  |  October 17, 2009 at 9:58 PM

    dare u forget to send me your updates of blog… ill be always waiting for it…

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