No more shopping for me….

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hibernationSunday is actually supposed to be the time when I sleep like a grizzly bear in its hibernation, but this weekend was anything. But this day was anything but a time to rest 



Like a obedient son I went to visit my parents after skipping couple of weekends, so my mother prepared “Pundi” alias Kadabu (it’s a cousin brother of IDLY, because it is prepared with boiled rice and is round in shape) along with coconut chutney. pundi




chutneyIf prepared at right temperature Pundi and chutney blend with each other and settle like a mellow in the taste buds. I had 7 to 8 of those Pundi, each one the size of a billiards pool ball, it made me quite full.


After a heavy breakfast my mother suggested, I showroom_rectaccompany her to do some shopping, since it was a longtime that I accompanied my mother like a dutiful son I agreed.


Cutting the long story short, one of my mother’s-friend’s-aunt’s-sister’s- son’s wedding was the upcoming event, for which my mother was asked to accompany. Without realizing what I was getting into I simply agreed and went along with my mother.


shoppingMy goodness it was there I realized what the word “SHOPPING” really means, my mom who otherwise seemed to be another simple homemaker turned out to be a Shopaholic. I don’t know wheather she was trying to irritate me or something because with every sari they had a discussion of same details like design, pattern, and colour (as though they were purchasing some BMW or Mercedes).


Moreover that Bethaal over the ladder kept on passing the so called “newvikram collections” for every 3 minutes. As the time went along I felt like the most useless fellow in the given situation. I mean during the entire process of shopping my mother was totally engrossed chitchatting with her friend and selecting that sari that she hardly noticed that I existed except for once when she wanted to know the time.


Moreover these sari-shops were broadcasting some repeat telecast of a daily soap (some old ladies were totally glued to it). I wondered how well these shop owners knew the art of attracting customers.


Seems like the “Sun-day” had brought all the shopaholics’ together the shop was jam packed, the Air-conditioner was useless for such a huge crowd. So I went outside the door after informing my mother and started messaging my friends to kill time.


lateAfter about 45 minutes another shock was waiting for me when I came to know that after 1 ½ hours my mother had made zero purchases, reason: no much option in colour (but if you asked me there were sufficient colour to make a person colour blind). I was speechless and didn’t know what to say to my mother. I gave a cold stare to my mother but she didn’t even notice and started walking to another shop.


Sari hunting lasted for another 2 to 3 hours in which we covered about 6 shops altogether and made no purchases, finally we came back to shop number 3.

The entire expedition was so dreadful and tiresome that I looked like somesleepy Government representative who just returned from census duty.





ostrichBut my embarrassment had to bear up for some more time as I had to witness the bargaining methodology (I felt like burying my head under the sand) few minutes later some other ladies joined the debate with the cashier (he was in the verge of resigning from the job). After winning the debate the ladies came smiling out as though they had just received a noble prize for “peace” from UN Secretary.


I was literally exhausted due to the entire shopping gala, so after the lunch break I tactfully took a leave from my mom in a pretext of some work.


Once I had “The Great escape” I again started working for the great escapeCommunity radio, but unfortunately the internet was frequently down due to heavy traffic.


In the evening I attended a painting exhibition organized by Karavali Krishi Janabhivridhi Vedike on artiste impression over Mangalore Special Economic Zone. It was a very intellectual gathering of abstract artiste who with their expert brush-strokes were able to highlight the actual drawback that MSEZ has brought over the lives of farming community.


During this occasion after a long time I came across several of my friends who had visited Mumbai along with me like Fr.Arun and Jayanth, it was a great re-grouping of friends after a long time.


Every now and then someone or the other asked me the reason for absence during the morning session, to avoid embarrassment I told them that I was busy with a certain project of mine…..


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Delhi se Aya mera Dost…. Wish me Best for X-am

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