Delhi se Aya mera Dost….

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I have been going through several interesting things in the past few days which kept me engaged from blogging.


First of all, my friend from Delhi turned up to Mangalore due to some workdehi she invited me up for an evening coffee the same night she was supposed to leave back to Bangalore on the way to Delhi.



I had earlier met this girl as a fellow passenger on one of my journey to Chennai couple of months back and we really clicked in our conversation and interests at the very moment. So it was two long years since I had kept any contact with my Delhi friend, so obviously I was very excited to meet.


birthdays1But then I had to be at another very important appointment (actually it was a DJ party for my friends birthday) at 09.30 so I thought I will convey it to my friend as soon as we meet.


As usual I forgot to inform her about my prior appointment instead we both started blabbering for about an hour or so I guess, “almost everything under the sun” like politics (corruption and parties), economics (recession and stuff) and our local places of interest. At certain point I even started boasting about my “wonders in the world” and she said “about the planet she had created” and all that.


It was almost 9.00pm when I checked my watch (as I ran of topic for bye byediscussion), now here I had a huge problem as I have the phobia of initiating “bye” because I find the expression is rude (because the person on the other end may think I am putting an abrupt end). I know it sounds crazy but that’s how it is with me so I started trying to time my “bye” perfectly, but then it never happened, so the conversation (It was very interesting talk I must say)started continuing.


transmiI was still trying to figuring out the way to say “bye”, to my friend, but at that moment my brains gave up (it just displayed like multicolor line that usually appears on DOORDARSHAN when there is no transmission).


So I was helpless it had already crossed 9.30 pm (as though the party started punctually on time) I had to do something to exit the situation, at sometime I even hinted that I had to go, but then I myself got involved in the discussion and stayed back to argue more.


The time went up to 10.30 PM, I thought party must already half over, frankly I was disappointed, but I tried looking through the brighter side (Unsuccessful attempt), which didn’t have sufficient material to pacify. But I guessed I took it quite well (Yeah… after so much whining), I mean its very rare that I have such a long distance friends so I guess it was quite worth the time. So like a noble soul I stayed up till 10.45 PM till the bus came to pick up my friend.


On my way back I was drove back to my PG slowly (lifeless) thinking some “garbage”, my room was empty since my roomies had been to the party. I fell on the bed slept for the day.


Par Picture Abhi Bakhi hai mere dost


Approximately after 15 minutes since I “died” for the day on the bed, mysleep phone started ringing; it was my friend Akilesh (jealous of my “happy friends” who were partying, I hoped that they were arrested by the police for partying late-night).


But it was not, I was surprised to hear from Akhilesh that the party was yet to begin as the birthday boy had been to his other friends birthday which was on the same day (yeah I have such kind of friends also). I was back to life I picked up my best “Shabby” dress and vroomed to the party and yet surprisingly I arrived almost 30 minutes early before the birthday boy blew the candle.


djThe party was good and the DJ played some really good fusion music bambo, Jazz bangra, baila and he sometime also fusioned the music with some Metallica (that was hilarious).  


Anyway had a very good day of all sorts of mixture.


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