Alls well that ends well….. The Kheer Solution

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From the past few days I am not keeping quite well, over and again I was a constant victim of cold, I sometime feel that this cold this is a worst disease of its kind. I mean it not only makes a person sick but also terribly miserable, constantly embarrassed and also severely conscious. Moreover the constant rubbing of that nose makes it chilly red (Naak Katgayi).


worldcupAnyways I am “good to go” as for now (my hands are free from curfew-ing the nose) therefore I decided to start tapping the keys. However today nothing much is more exciting than watching champions tournaments of India Vs Pakistan, though I am not a cricket freak (given a option I rather watch cartoon to cricket) but this thing is different, its INDIA Vs PAKISTAN (I am having Goosebumps as I speak).



Just imagine No dossier, No LOC, No diplomacy, Only action (much more than the “ashes” played between England & Australia). The one who wins this takes all the glory…… All the best India.




smart-kids-300x257[1]Yet again my tiny friend from 5th Standard, Ms. Akansha proves that she is smarter than me, as she goes on explaining me the full form of abbreviation “OMG”(in SMS) which means “Oh my God”. I don’t have any other option but to crib about this fact…. I mean, me doing post graduation and this girl beats me in almost everything be it chess, spell-bee or Antakshari. This girls always keeps me on guard, the very moment I speak some nonsensical, this girl whips me with her “Know-all attitude” (She was such an angel when she was small.


Yesterday night one of my roommates brought the movie “Dil Bole – Hadippa”; the movie was okay sort. But the actual fun began as Akilesh (same guy whose girl dumped him) started complaining of stomach upset (whatever that is) and Sangmesh suggested that Kheer was the best remedy to the crisis.


Akilesh (the topper of his class) I dunno what he was thinking, but out of 402desperation he blindly followed those sweet remedy of “Sangmesh” dutifully (he managed to get the Kheer from a nearby hotel) and drank a large portion of it.




The next scene of the Kheer began early today morning, when I woke up for some Occupiedweird noises from the washroom (u guessed it right). When I asked my friend Pritvi about it (he was already giving me a hilarious facial reaction) he just told “Akilesh” (I guessed rest of the matter) and then burst into laughter. 




Looking at that fellow(Prithvi) even I broke-out laughing, with a brush and paste in my hand I walked up-to Sanghmesh’s(the guy who suggested Kheer in the first place) room, only to find him laughing (in an ultrasonic mode)with his both hands tightly on the stomach. That rascal was struggling to say something but was stammering with laugh. I was almost in tears laughing so much.


Suddenly there was a loud bang on the door, it was Akhilesh staring at us angrily, we stopped laughing at that very moment, but then as Akhilesh started swearing and cursing all of us (that guy was really angry) we choked into our laughter marathon again shamelessly.  For every word of his our laughter only got louder so much so that even Akilesh joined us with a smile before he raced back to wash room.


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