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Ethos” means culture, philosophy or nation, since His Excellency, Governor of Karnataka Hamsaraj.R.Bharadwaj kept on repeating the “Ethos” word several time while advocating the students during the inauguration, it made me curious enough to look out for the meaning.


His Excellency


Today the St. Aloysius College campus was filled with security personnel’s, canine squad, metal detectors, access badges, and the police band, actually the D-day’s here “Radio Sarang-107.8FM, celebrating colours of life” was inaugurated by His Excellency the governor of Karnataka Hamsaraj.R.Bharadwaj. Honourable minister of Law and Justice Mr. Veerappa Moily and Home minister of Karnataka Dr.V.S.Acharya were present for the occasion.

 DSC_0285  DSC_0306


Meet my Friend at MCMS


Students of Mass communicationand Media Studies

Students of Mass communicationand Media Studies




Kudos to MCMS department on the launch of radio Sarang and news broadcast studio, but then this was just the trailer, the real movie begins now, when we have to work day-in&day-out to keep the program schedule filled up. But then this will be a platform for us to fill the gap between our studies and future work environment.


It was quite interesting to know that being from a political fraternity; His Excellency was quite casual and versatile in his approach while addressing students. By the time he finished speaking on his concerns over Mass Media and there was a thunderous applause to his statement by the students who were very much thrilled by his broadminded approach towards Press freedom. Since the entire morning was devoted to the formal inauguration of Radio Sarang-107.8FM, nobody was interested in attending any classes in the afternoon.


What we didn’t know was that one of the Undergraduate courses had organized an annual feast called musical evening (which confusingly is celebrated in the afternoon). Now this was a sweet surprise to all the lazy buggers like me (who were looking for an excuse to take the day off).DSC_0390


Musical evening is a feast where the best singers of our college showcase their skill and entertain the audience; the audience basically comprises the staff & students of Undergraduate and post graduate courses. The audience seemed to be very much involved in the entire process; there was a lot of support and encouragement to the singers as well as some acrobatic dancers.


Finally there was Baila…. Baila means nothing but dancing to the Konkani folk songs, however nowadays DJ’S are invited to college who play some hip and happening beats, and this DJ knew his business well.



runBy the way the reason for me to end up this page so abruptly is because since yesterdays I am having a bad headache and an irritating cold (walking, jogging, running nose). I am not sure whether I will be going to college today.



Take care of you health guys……


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