“A friend dindin is a friend dindin”

September 21, 2009 at 11:26 AM 1 comment

For the first time at breakfast I ate few chocolate bars on an empty stomach (stunts tried by a cokprofessionals do not try it at home) along with tea. I didn’t seem to have stomach ache or anything as of now (In my home it is a “taboo” to consume sweet early morning). Whatever!!! For a sweet tooth like me it was “bountiful” breakfast.  

First of all I ate chocolate because the ATM machine near the PG was not working and (I had only few change with which I brought tea) the only food I had at my disposal was chocolates which I had brought one per day consumption. But paapi stomach was not satisfied with one of those bars so I had to eat them BAR BAR…at regular intervals till the third chocolate finally brought a fill my stomach.


Today is the last day of the 5 day long weekend. It is also a heartbreaking moment for me ready_for_the_weekendbecause for the last couple of days I had a peace of mind staying alone in PG.

But tomorrow onwards things will be back to normal, my roomies will be back (apna Jayedaath ka Hissa maangne…he he… learnt the dialogue from my mom’s favorite “K” serial) from vacation.


So things will be sequential: (Note: names of the victims changed or withheld)

1) packRoommates will race to make a first appearance in the wash room for their “morning raga”.




2) Trying to sneak another’s ironed shirt.flick







3) My roomy Akilesh will be busy with his mobile trying to patch-up with his girlfriend, who had dumped him for the 2nd time.dump




4)borrow Sangmesh will again borrow Rs.20 from Prithvi though he already owes approximately Rs 300.



5) failAnother room mate of mine is in the verge of creating history by bagging a hat-rick backlog in forthcoming examination. But never the less they are good souls (after insulting them so much), by today evening every one of them will start down pouring on the room.


rioBy the way I just gulped this new drink called “RIO Karma (Blue Berry and Peach), it’s kind of reddish in shade with a fancy packing. It’s quite pungent (tonic) in taste and people who like energy drinks like Redbull or Energy may like this kind of drink. Since it claimed itself to be just another beverage like the coca-cola I picked it up on the way to the college


friendWhoever said the proverb “A friend dindin is a friend dindin” (sounds like Britannia title chime “tin tin ti tin”) must have stumbled upon those magical mumbles, I  still didn’t figure out its meaning “literally”, despite hearing it from the first standard(please let me know its word to word meaning if you understand). Whatever it means I am forced to follow those principles. So when my friends come today I am supposed to go and pick them up from the station, the last one will be at 11.50PM.


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  • 1. Sandhya  |  September 22, 2009 at 1:08 AM

    Wow… chocolates in morning….

    The Dentist must be doing good profit 🙂

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