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September 18, 2009 at 2:34 PM 1 comment

Since my birth I have visited hospitals more number of time than the plastic surgery done in Ekta kapoors serials, so I am kind used to the hospital environment of gloom and anxiety.Over the years I have witnessed several technological advancement in the hospital, expect for one thing “the injection”.

Injection dartIt’s like the doctors enjoy darting their patients (to prove that they have earned the degree)and that’s why they use same old fashion for treatment from centuries(I guess). As for me I have been stinged with injection more number of times than Rajnikanth has caught flying bullets with his teeth, as a result I have developed a phobia towards “injection”.


Today since it was a holiday for Mahalaya Amavasya, my roommates in the PG had home; even I had nothing much so I decided to visit my parents. But while packing up my stuff my eye fell on a blood donation certificate that I had received for my voluntary contribution. donate-blood-2

 Since blood donation centre came on the way to my home I decided to do some social work. But it also meant that I had to face the wrath of syringe, however since i had an acquaintance with the staff of the hospital (who knew about my phobia) I was a little worried about the injection.

 But as I reached the blood donation counter to my surprise all of them were unfamiliar faces. I learnt that the entire batch of staff (who knew me) had been to Chennai for some training or orientation. And tentatively they were replaced by a new batch.Couple of minutes later a nurse politely asked me to fill the form and enter the donation room.

 laughing nurseLater they strapped me with that BP machine and the stethoscope. Expecting to receive some sympathy I told the nurse that I was scared of the shot; so the nurse did as though she completely understood (my fears)and went out, only to get couple of more staff to laugh at me( I mean its quite obvious when a 80 KILO gunny bag comes up with such request, but then I was scared to death). 


Good old nurseJust when I thought I would be a laughing stock of the day, an old nurse came to my rescue she ordered all the nurses to leave the room (those nurses were still giggling). And with the same authority she told me not to worry and applied that cleaning spirit on my arms, (that ice cold stuff somehow makes you to anticipate the prick that follows from the needle, i mean why would anyone bother to hurt oneself even while doing a noble charity). But somehow even this time I never felt the prick when the needle was darted into my arms, so everything was well(but belive me anticipation is worser than the pain itself).

 Mangga_gedong_mango_juiceAnd that’s when I realized that my job was done. Later when I was above to leave, the old nurse gave me two bottles of Mango squashes for recovery(which i collected as a prized possession of an achievment) I guess the second one was to compensate.

It was good to know that all was over by now…………

Okay guys as of now I got to rush to my home so I will chat some more things later. By the way i am also on my way to a hair stylist to get a new look(mirror cracking type).


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  • 1. deepa  |  September 19, 2009 at 9:30 AM

    Hey Gatty don say that…u r afraid of injection?
    tooo bad man…..atleast stand in front of the mirror once ..hahaha kidding ya
    even me the same when i think of injections i get feel giddy but i am the person who got lots of darting by the dentist just imagine..inside the mouth…..i used to create a big hallaa there…anyways….nice to read ur experience…good

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