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Hey guys once again it was a long two week sorry I could not update my blog for a long time as I was a little engrossed in something or the other. By the way our fresher’s party on Saturday was really great actually it was supposed to be for practicals but then teachers let us take the day off.The seniors had a huge package of fresh bakra entertainment stored for us with dance music mimics food as usual embarrassing moments and many interactive sessions. fresh dancePlus an oath of loyalty towards our seniors which we repeated after a little murmur. Anyway we allfresh every had a fun time together with our seniors and it all ended well.

By the same Saturday after the Fresher’s party I along with some of my friends went to sultan battery for an outreach expedition. But I was more interested in taking pictures of that beautiful battery and its surroundings; I went along with Kimberly, Deepa, Crystal, Wilma.


Since the weekend was a busy business hour for the people in the boating and fisheries centre they were still shifting the boats to the harbor…DSC_0435

Wow now that seems to be a tiresome job but they seemed to be doing it in an ease.



The following week we had a huge work load waiting for us, we had to bring out our monthly magazine on time plus couple of more class presentations of 1000 words each and many more still pending as I speak….

 By the way on Saturday I don’t know what was I thinking maybe it’s because of the whole hype surrounding this Harry potter and the something something that I finally decided to watch it….harry-potter_1 I went to the multiplex directly to watch the 6th part of the movie without seeing the previous ones; and it was there for the first time I felt like I was an illiterate bugger. I assumed the movie was for children’s movie, but the names of the characters are so complicated that I could not pronounce or recollect even one without stammering.

More over I could really not make sense of what they were speaking off it was out of he world. I asked a person sitting next to me for a clarification about the storyline and she told me to refer the 3rd 4th and 2nd chapter to understand it. As a beginner I was still trying to figure out who the main character of the movie… Harry or Flying Broom, Villain “Valdemurthy”or the school, the wand or some pot.

harry-potter_1It seemed that the movie was more of a reference story than an individual chapter, I hanged on till 5 minutes after the interval, and then all I could recollect was the usher waking me up at the end. But with all due respect for the movie and its related, everybody else in the theatre seemed to like the way the story was carried out. Except for me who had to drive all the way back home at the early morning of 01.30 A.M. on Saturday.

But with such a huge devoted fan following I guess the movie must be a Huge Blockbuster and I must do my homework to watch the entire series.large_lord-voldemortYesterday night after I slept, the Harry Potter hangover must have affected me; I felt I saw the villain of the movie “Valdemurthy” getting a nose job done.

As of now I am trying to look into of what this socializing forum called Twitter is all about sp slowly trying to get to know more about it. That does all for now; see you next weekend guys…..

Happy friendships day to all of you…………………


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My MCMS Family Mumbai Meri Jaan…..

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