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rapportIt’s almost two weeks after the classes have begun and the rapport among the 1st year MCMS has grown into is enormous, it’s almost like a family now. The best part of being with these people is that everyone is like minded at certain level.

stressAs of now assignments are increasing at a moderate phase, but everyone is beginning to have a feel of it. But since all of us have taken up mass communication by choice, the pressure is quite positive.


By the way our seniors have stuck up a notice on our class wall with an invitation for a “Fresher’s Day” or “Ice Breaking”seems to be good, but “YE ice_breakBAAT KUCH HAZAM NAHI HUI” Why would seniors would hold a party for us without any reason…..GENEROSITY YOU SAY!!! I doubt, any way I will right about it once it is over.





Badly trying to reduce my weight to 70 kg or so…. but I am addicting to eating, so kind of in a helpless position




Apart from college to home and the other way I have started going to a gym hope I can build up some “DOLE SHOLAY” by the end of this year.Body





 As of this week Sister Celine has taught a lot of concept in terms of editorial column and as far as I am concerned I have already published it in my mind with a flag and ear panel.


I feel the concept of students taking the class presentation has got a tremendous boost in Fr. Richie’s session as our communication and public speaking skills.


I am supposed to give a presentation on “Constitution of India” somewhere next week in Kannadi Sir’s class, let us hope I do well.


Tomorrow as it is Sunday I will be hanging out with my friends, as for tonight I will be eating a lot of food and get up late tomorrow morning.hanging


OK Bhat anna has already brought food so I gotta go now…..good night for this weekend.


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Back to School Life at its best……

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