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Why BJP won the Mangalore Election – 2009 


After about a year long election campaign the fever seems to be finally over with UPA winning 262 seats in Lok- Sabha leaving its closest competitor NDA away from nearly 100 seats from forming a cabinet. The election was less controversial this time however it had some severe and unexpected responses ranging from a mere 43 percent of voter turn in Mumbai even after the recent Mumbai incident of 26/11 to the BJP coming back to power in Mangalore after the recent church attack in Mangalore. Below are my brief analysis and estimates of why a secular government is not able to establish in Mangalore local administration.



Ideological factor


Over the years in Mangalore BJP along with its sister concerns like RSS, Bajarang Dal, and Shree Ram sene has emerged as an ideological institution rather than a political party. While other political parties come to the forefront only during elections, BJP has been active throughout the year, if not for political reason then it has definitely come to the front stage showing its religious colour during national and regional festival For instance Hindu samajotsava and anti-terror campaign, raksha bandhan etc. In-fact the BJP even conducts a week long or sometime even a 20 day long camp personality development camp for youth through their sister concern RSS.


On an average BJP is able to connect with each and every individual on all the common fronts in Mangalore. It is during these events that the BJP slowly injects their political ideology in the minds of the people, which is very effective to an extent that sometime people do get carried away against their own personal beliefs.




janardhani poojai 

BJP has been strategically churning its MP candidates in Mangalore and has been introducing fresh faces in the electoral, whereas the congress and others despite losses in former election have not opted for any unique strategy. It seems that secular parties have totally given up hopes from any of their candidates winning elections from Dakshina Kannada. This reference particular goes to the congress party Janardana Poojary, who over the years has not only enlarging a dent on the reputation of his party but also has earned a infamous reputation for short temper aggression , instable words and poor public relation. Despite this fact the congress party has placed him as their candidates from Mangalore


Communist Party of India (Marxist)



CPI (M), this party has picked a wrong front to represent itself. I mean why in Mangalore? What or whom does the communist party want to represent in a constituency where almost all the people are born with enterprising trait and entrepreneurial skill in their own business and irrespective of religious barrier most of them are strictly religious.

Mangalore is economic centre for the Karnataka as Mumbai is for India with over 5 MNC’s, 6 National limited and being Headquarter for 4 nationalized banks, Harboring 9th largest port of India and catering to the 75 % of exports and imports including coffee, 3 Special Economic Zones, Literacy rate of 83 % which is higher than the national average of 59 %, every big-shot person has a rag to riches tale in Mangalore.


So practically I don’t see any point were communist would be able to help mangaloreans in their venture. On the contrary the general notion of communist principle socialism and atheism creates fear and panic among the majority of community who are also potential voters in their constituency. I just want to make a point that instead of desperately pursuing an isolated and alienated philosophy in the community of Mangalore. The communist party must strategically join hands with the local congress party and in-turn they could ask for an alliance in the UPA Union government. However in today’s scenario it seems too late now. And it reminds me of a famous Hindi proverb about “Dhobi ka….na ghar ka nag ghaat ka” Yes you guessed it right.


 The Independent candidate’s


After a long time it was refreshing to see 6 independent candidates with new ideas willing to represent Mangalore constituency. Majority of them seems to have had the barrack Obama policy of “Change we can” in their mind while filing as a candidature. Some of the candidates even seem to have qualification as high as PhD’s and even the voters eagerly gave these new aspirants a fair amount of chance to come to power. However the existence of the independent candidates caused a major hindrance for a secular party coming into power as the voter’s bank got divided between secular and progressive factor, while the BJP voters as I said earlier “remained firm and in some cases also had a increased participation”.



Approximately 72 % of people voted in Mangalore election , which is a very common standard set by Mangalore even though it is very high compared to some other regions including economic capital of India Mumbai where approx 43 %the voter turnout was witnessed. However since 28% of people in Mangalore decided to stay away from election the voting results may not be with which everybody is happy about, especially after the recent Pub incident and the attack on the churches in Mangalore. BJP rallied with more than 40,000 votes. Every great turning point in history has a great story maybe now the people will realize the consequence of not voting their right in the ballot.

(This article has also been published in http://mangalorean.com/browsearticles.php?arttype=Opinion&articleid=1491 )


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