Andaman Trip Story (Day2)

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I cant recollect clearly but I guess it was something like early morning of 2.30am on 15/02/2009 when some sort of rattling sound woke me up, and I just put my head out of my bunk bed in the train like a tortoise and realized that the train was passing through a bridge something like our Nethravathi of Mangalore.I just looked around the bogie which was almost dark and almost all the people were sleeping with snoring orchestra in the AC compartment.



Now I have a problem, if once I am disturbed from my sleep either I should eat something or watch T.V to fall back asleep, but since Mr. Laalu has not made neither of the provisions in this years “Interim rail budget for 2009”, I thought at-least I would stand near the bogie door and appreciate the night queen, so I just kept the stardust magazine aside in which Kangana Ranaut was still staring at me in the middle of the night and got down from my bunker and was on the way to stand near the bogie door when suddenly the door made a screeching noise which woke up my dad, he enquired “on what I was up to” and I don’t know when Gandhi came over me and I replied “I just wanted to stand near the doorway(I knew I should have said that, I mean I could have told something else, I could have told that I was going to washroom or to play ice-hockey, I mean my dad looked so drowsy that he would have even believed me if I said I was going big-bazaar) but alas the cat was out of the bag, now my dad was wide-awake and was sternly told to go back to my bunker and not to do such daring stuffs on a running train.  

This statutory waning was loud enough to turn the compartment lights on and to wake up almost everyone in the compartment, my aunt, granny, uncle, Satish and two other nuns who were sharing the same compartment with the LTC party and now were staring at me. Suddenly I felt that everybody was looking at me as though I was the one who threw shoes on George W Bush. gerg1



Pretty embarrassed for disturbing others sleep, I didn’t have the guts to put forth my point across to my dad so like a obedient soldier I went back to my bunker, and started reading the Star dust magazine where Asin was smiling at me for my stupid decision . Then I can’t remember whether it was dream or I really fell asleep. But when I was totally back with my 5 senses, my watch showed 5.30am in the morning, some people were having their breakfast and others were getting ready to disembark from train. I sincerely didn’t feel like getting down my bunk and facing the crowd after how I disturbed those sleeping lions, but I didn’t have any escape either, I mean I had to enjoy the vacation with these guys I could just not hide my face like ostrich nor I could keep snorkeling in Andaman waters for about an entire week, I mean it’s all the matter of talent and stamina and I didn’t have any.Anyways I mustered up all my courage and somehow managed to step outside my bunker not knowing how to face the angry crowd I somehow managed to get a place to sit next to my dad, quickly I started search for my “Suprabatha Kit” (my tooth brush, tooth paste, shaving kit, soap etc). As I had not listened to my mothers “what is kept where instruction”, I had to struggle for quite sometime and finally I found it in North West corner of my bag and meanwhile I also realized that almost everyone had forgotten about the previous nights incident and everyone was talking merrily to one another even with me.



Very soon I went to the wash room completed my early morning “Suprabatha” and came back to the compartment to have my breakfast. As I was slowly munching my breakfast with a sip of a masala tea, a lady came in to our compartment and she announced “does anyone have a plain A4 size paper”, and some of them in the compartment started searching for a paper in their hand bags or travel bags or wallets, even my granny got engrossed to search for a paper matching the description, it was not until after say about 2 minutes that my granny popped a million dollar question “do u need the paper urgently to write something” and then came the billion dollar reply in a casual tone “no ma I just need the paper to dispose the remaining food”. The entire compartment stopped and stared at the lady leaving whatsoever their activity for about 4 seconds and suddenly the two nuns who were sitting silently till then burst in laughter, and this laughter was followed by a loud roar of laughter by the lady herself when she realized what was going on in the compartment, entire cabin laughed at the entire scene and it lasted for something about 5 minutes and as for me I was choking my food plus laugh till I was finally rescued by my granny who gave me a cup of water. And finally the lady with a million dollar question was none otherthan the ever photogenic Bharthi aunty.



After about 30 minutes or so we finally reached the Chennai central railway station where we picked up by our Chennai guide Charan who took us to some hotel by bus for a days stay as the flight to Andaman was on 16/02/2008 at 10.30am, kingfisher airways. As it was Sunday and we had an entire day at our disposal 15/02/2009, the entire LTC group decided to visit the city of Chennai for one day, so everybody got ready around 08.00am for breakfast, it was quite nice to see how choosy people are about their menu some had idly, vada, masala dosa, upma along with tea, coffee or a malt to wash down. Meanwhile our guide Mr. Charan awarded us our red colour apna travels tourist cap; as though it was a convocation ceremony, this cap both served for a complimentary purpose from our tourist operator as well as to identify us when we are lost in crowd.





 At around 08.45am the LTC group (from now on called as “Red Bandits”) took off to sight seeing in Chennai, first stop of the “Red Bandits” was to a mini (Dry)amusement park known as golden chariot, (like we have manasa in Mangalore). It also has a beach in its own premises (something like summer sand of ullal). The entry fee for adults is 125/-, whereas for young kids it charged 75/- per head, photography 5/-. As I said earlier there is also a beach attached to the amusement park but being from coastal region this did not capture my interest, instead there were many fun rides in the amusement park section like “Dragon Boat”, “Cow Boy’s bull”, Water splash car, a very tall man who will charge 20 rupees for a picture with him and many other fun rides.picture-0082

However mostly the park looks like shooting set: where hero and heroine can sing songs under some banyan tree without being disturbed by Shree ram sene, hero and villain can have ultimate climax fight scene without any intervention of police, son goes to the temple to pray for his mothers health or where kumolika makes her next evil plot and where police can arrive finally at the end of the movie. It is a kind of film city on its own. It was also this place where I met a my Andaman friend Anvith, who had come to the trip with the “Red bandits”, Anvith comes from Shaligrama and he had come along with parents and sister, his trademark was his spiked hair. Two of us had a crazy time with all the dangerous rides in the amusement park. The entire group vacated from the park at about 11.30pm since most of the rides were closed for maintenance.


picture-174Our next stop was a place something like a crocodile banks. It is like a “Croc-zoo” which has a variety of crocodiles of different shaped and sizes. This was a very interesting visit and can be a haven for sea-wildlife specialist or I don’t know what are crocodile specialists called maybe they are called “Crocollogist” or something. Here there is also a aquarium where different types crocodiles are nurtured, so it was for the first time I really got to see the entire structure of other than on T.V. Being a observer and a hobbyist photographer myself, it was quite interesting for me to see the way the crocodile slowly moved in the water gracefully dominating all the other creatures. We cannot feed food for the crocodile directly, however inside the zoo there is a provision that we can purchase a bucket of meat and give it to the zoo warden, who would feed the crocodiles at regular interval,


Other than crocodiles there were also other wildlife creatures like turtles, snakes. Now I have absolutely no clue of either scientific or English categorical names of the variety of species of crocodiles, turtles or snakes. The warden here at the zoo also informed us that whenever some rare tortoise are caught smuggling in Chennai domestic or international airport or for that matter anywhere in Chennai, it is brought to the same zoo for temporary protection before releasing to its own habitat. Its a huge park so you need a lot of time to explore it, but the time was already 13.00pm and people had started getting hungry moreover we were also nearing our deadline which our tour operator had set us, so we had to leave in between our crocodile exploration. I think we paid the entry charge of 15/- per head but this was much more worth than what we had asked for.


picture-357We had a loud burping lunch at some hotel on the way to tiger cave and while having food since the hotel was jam packed we had to sit in whatever place we got so it happened that I got acquainted with still more people among “Red bandits” one of them is Mr. Sooryanarayan uncle. Initially I thought Sooryanarayan uncle was a little reserved person but on the contrary he was a very jolly good with an ever present smile on his face. I mean I had even observed him when we were in golden chariot amusement park; he was among the first ones to experiment with some dangerous new rides without hesitation.


picture-350And then I met Mr. Satish who I would perfectly define as a man with a mission, he always had a camera strapped on his shoulder wherever we traveled. Without camera Mr. Satish is incomplete without Mr.Satish his camera is incomplete, he was a serious sort with some terrific spontaneous “One-liners”, however most of the time he is into photography and on conversations with others.




Fine after lunch with stomach full no one would be in a mood to visit a place where he had to run around all the time so instead we opted to go to tiger park, this park had literally no tigers however this park has a good serene atmosphere and has rock carved in the shape of tigers. It as many huge rocks and boulders which is couple of meters high and his is quite nice place for relaxing without tigers.



Even though tiger park is a good place to relax as I said earlier we were here at a wrong time it was 14.55pm the sun was high on the sky and it was scorching hot and this particular park did not have many trees to provide shade to people so we desperately retreated ourselves into our bus and zoomed to our next destination of navarathna sculptures.



This place looked like a school of architecture the monuments and sculptures at this place looked as though they were touched by some expert artist of its time, these architectures hummed great precision, skill, talent , devotion and professionalism that the laborers had put in without the help of blue print or graphics. I mean till date I don’t know anybody who is able to carve an entire temple out of a single rock without the help of modern gadgets.


However this place is a little mystified as nobody knows the entire details about this place or who built this it is I feel still under the blanket of archeologists.



 The last place for our visit to Chennai was mahabalipuram temple now as we entered this temple the first thing we saw was mushrooming number of tourist every minute most of them foreigners, again even in this place there are lot of monumental features like a big elephant carved in a single stone, rock cut temples, huge boulders and too many photography scenes, some foreigner where asking really funny posing with some stone sculptures. This mahabalipuram has a long history which I know clearly but it is to lengthy to be explained right now. Maybe some other time, but again this place is another must visit if you be to Chennai.


After the last destination it was approximately 17.00pm in the evening, I was totally exhausted as I had been running all around mahabalipuram while taking pictures so now I thought I could doze off in the bus, while traveling back in the bus Binmani aunty suggested that we play antakshri, which brought me back to life. But here the elders were dominating in singing, hence very soon I realized they kind of songs that would be sung, and it was true the songs with which Atal bihari Vajpayee used to play antakshari was echoing in the bus or my grandfathers grandfathers grandfathers, times song was filling the bus.




Whenever I or my friend Anvith used to sing some new songs our elders used to look at us though we were speaking “JAADU’s language” from “KOI MIL GAYA”. So we understood the moral of the story and for the rest of the journey we just cheered for our elders songs. But overall it was a very interesting game where we saw even the elders behaving like kids including shouting some children’s words like “Tic Tic one…., Tic Tic two….” Or “Shouting Bandi” whenever other team looses



dvc00325 (Bipin Sony)After traveling about two and half hour we finally reached back to our hotel in as I was feeling really bored and totally exhausted and was in no mood to eat vegetarian food. So I called my old friend Bipin Sony, who was right now in Chennai doing his masters and we decided to meet up in some fast-food restraunt. I freshened-up myself and went to meet my friend and all the way we discussed about Mangalore pub-attack and about slum dog millionaire, whenever I and bipin our discussion always turn political, so did this meeting. But instead of having in a fast food we had dinner in a posh Kumbhat restraunt. And after a nice chicken chettinad and appam my stomach was absolutely full and after about 2 hour or so I and bipin parted my ways. By the time I reached hotel I checked my mobile which had several missed calls from my dad and aunt for being late back to the hotel but by the time I reached back the hotel no noise was heard everybody was sleeping even I refreshed myself and at about 11.40pm I went to bed. (To be continued)


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