Andaman Trip Story (Day1)

February 23, 2009 at 6:00 PM 2 comments

Hey guys sorry for not updating my blog for about a week as I was out of touch from all the wonders of late 20the century. It so happened that on February 14 2009 I happened to take a week-long vacation to Andaman Nicobar Island though this trip came to me as a sudden surprise, as my mother didn’t think it was important to let me know that I am being deported to “Kaala-Paani” it till 12th of February 2009.



You see, it is almost a year since the global market collapsed, seems “Uncle Sam” has a spoilt broth from his too many cooks and the broth is seemingly stinking throughout the world and even my former company just like every other has resorted to job cuts in-order to reduce the management expenditure. So following the traditional formula the first in the hit-list of job cuts were the species called “Trainees” and since I had just completed my fourth month on pay-roll, I came on the company’s radar and was among the first ones to get pink slip and thus I had to say “Dasvaidaniya” to them.


And now since most of the companies are not having no current openings I thought of pursuing my masters degree meanwhile, so currently I am back to square-one and hence I  do not have any say over my own life, forget life I don’t even get to select even my own breakfast, but nevertheless I knew my routine I was half heartedly getting ready to leave to the railway station still glued on to T.V, my dad as-usual came late at 12.15pm when we were actually supposed to report to the Mangalore railway station at 12.00 pm after completing his office work for the next one week, by then my mother Usha kumari had finished packing all my stuffs for me in my bag and myself as usual like a lazy buggers I was watching T.V,  my mother and my sister Namratha had canceled their trip to Andaman as my sisters exam had been rescheduled on the same week. But as soon as my mother saw my dad arriving late she started mumbling her lecture on being punctual, on hearing that broadcast I got up from my “Simhasana” and dutifully got ready within 5 minutes. Along with my dad and mother we were sayonara to railway station.





By the time I reached there almost all the LTC party was already there, however I saw only around 7 out of 19 people in the same compartment, rest of them seemed to have scattered to other bogies because of waiting list or RAC (Reservation against cancellation) issues, the train was supposed to leave to Chennai, about one and half day of journey from Chennai we had either to take a flight or ship to Andaman Nicobar island, however ship would take nearly 3 days to reach, whereas flight would take only 2 hours to travel 1002 Kms, In order to reach earlier to our destination decided our LTC group had decided to take a flight. There is another connection of transport to Andaman that is via Kolkatta again flight or ship.


 As soon as I entered the train the first person I spotted was my uncle Mr. Chandrasekhar, a man in his early fifty’s who works in Konaje telephone exchange , he was busy conditioning his new Sony camera as he gave a welcoming smile, a quick eye scan in the compartment revealed that other people included my grandmother Suhasini who was former school teacher, my granny as usual was busy in distributing “Rice Bomb” you can also call it (rice dumpling)or in tulu it is called as “PUNDI” there is no contemporary word for that in English, my aunt Shakuntala with whom my mother had already begun a conversation also shared the same compartment with us, and my mother had already struck a conversation with her. Meanwhile my dad had found his political party friend in the railway station so they were interacting with each other whereas I was still struggling with getting my bag to the 2 tier AC compartment. Somehow after a lengthy lengthy struggle I was finally able to get my baggage. No sooner I sat on some seat even I was also offered “Rice bomb” by my mom. But then I used one of my oldest tricks in the book which I used from 1st to 10th standard and said that I had stomach upset, and thus avoided being victim of the “Rice bomb”.


The train to Chennai was supposed to leave at 13.15 pm and still there was 35 minutes left I desperately searched for some one in the LTC group or at-least in the compartment to belong to my age group but I neither had “Luckbychance” either that I was “Oye lucky” that I get things on my terms as expected. Anyways I had to waste my time which so I started loitering around the station platform and then got hold of some Stardust, Week , India today and other magazines for the journey. Its not that I was really bothered to read all those gyaan in magazines but it is just that I had a small motto in my life “Whenever you feel stupid read a book” and it worked. Several times in my life I have encountered scenario’s where I had nothing to do or no place to escape and at such point I always feel that it is always better to do something than nothing. And this situation is very common in train because of its long duration in travel example when the co-passenger is eating food we can neither resist the munching sound nor we can stare at their faces while they eat or sometime we quite often feel embarrassed to eat food in front of all, or sometime people even get personal in railway compartment. So in-order to avoid all such embarrassing situation I always feel its better to look like a busy man reading a book than a idiot counting the trees outside the window. Yes people do have their own method of tackling their own way out of loneliness they even engage conversation with strangers but being an introvert myself “Book formula” works for me.




Finally after lot of looking here and there munching some biscuits and wafers from the vendors I finally boarded the train at 13.15pm when I heard the big-honk from the engine room of the train. My mom and some others got down from the train and waved bye to me and my dad and at that point I remembered my sister and called my home but then since she had not reached home the call did not get any response.



 Slowly as the time passed by everybody got settled in the seat my dad as usual stood near the door way appreciating the nature or whatever, I have traveled through kerala couple of time during my NCC camps so those so called sceneries did not bring any new pleasantries to my eyes, that’s why I sat in my seat waiting for someone to talk conversation with me, but after sometime I realized that everybody had settled themselves with the company of one another and other than my family members everybody else was a stranger to me.



We traveled about half an hour when somewhere down the end of our bogie I saw a first glimpse of a familiar face it was Padmanabh uncle, as I used to call him ever since I was small, I knew him ever since I started studying in UKG, his son and I used to study in the same class as I and that’s how I got acquainted with him. In-spite of seeing him after so many years he still looked as fit and fine as I saw him 14 years back, and as he came close to our compartment he recognized me and we exchanged formal pleasantries. When I spoke with Padmanabh uncle, I also came to know that my old friend Prem Arun is doing quite well in his life, after completing his diploma, Prem Arun was now working for one of the most reputed companies in India LARSEN &TUBRO. I was quite happy to hear the well being of my old buddy. Actually till I completed my second standard after school hours I used go to my mothers office everyday so it was there I came to know Prem arun and his brother quite well. As the time passed by many other people joined in our compartment for conversation who at that point were all strangers to me, as I told earlier I hardly knew anyone from my mother’s office. Anyway as the time ticked by it was 18.00pm, when we reached Calicut, now because of my NCC camping trips I knew that this place was famous for two things Jersey milk and Halwa. As I was in no mood to eat sweets I at-least drank a sip of hot tea, which as expected was extremely well prepared.



By the time the train left from the station it was somewhat 18.10pm and when I returned, I saw the entire LTC party buzzing with noise in our bogie, as I am pretty amateur in socializing when compared to my mother and sister I did not disturb them instead I started taking pictures from the Nikon Digicam which I borrowed it from my friend, it was a excellent camera which has preset photography manual which makes it absolutely easy to operate, that is why I brought it instead of my own camera. I got some nice pictures during the travel but after sometime it started becoming dark and I could not longer take anymore pictures. It was then I also noted that even my mobile had started indicating roaming signal.




And I just felt as I knew what to do in such conditions I picked up my bag-pack entered my bunk bed next to the door and started reading Stardust, but I was never reading I was just flicking pages but I remember I was reading something about J.Goody and her cancer stuff when I fell asleep, then the next thing I remember was my dad waking me up asking me to have my dinner. I just went to the wash room got myself tidy ate my breakfast….. Oh sorry lunch …..Oh really sorry dinner (I think I am really sleepy) and fell asleep…………………… (To be continued)







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  • 1. Arjun  |  March 5, 2009 at 5:00 PM

    Well written dude 🙂 good one!!

  • 2. rerheiree  |  March 23, 2009 at 11:09 AM

    Heyyy! GREAT POST!!

    Ur Travel blog is really a nice guide plus it is loaded with humor

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