Mr. Pranab claims timely warning received from Standard & Poor?

Its ridiculous that the finance minister depends on foreign based agencies called S&P to know Indian economic scenario. It’s still unclear, on what ? are the specialized agency of the Finance department are using the funds available with them for market analysis and research, if the finance minster itself has to receive “State of the Nation” from institution abroad.

While Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee wholeheartedly welcomed the negative news from S&P, with no question asked, had the same criticism come from the opposition within the country, the minister would have totally refused it.

While the minister seems to pacify the media assuring that India need not panic, and that the government is committed to economic reforms, now with the inflationary tendency all time high, BBB rating by S&P “meaning the lowest investment grade”,  are there any takers for such argument ?

What seems to be a late realization by the Finance Minister however may have not been a shocker to a ordinary man, who though may not be an economist has been reeling under inflation for couple of years with tooth & nail.
With the faux-pox economic policy, if the Government trusts the rating by same S&P rates to an irrefutable extent, then why does it counter claims that the economic would grow by 7 % when the S&P itself has lowered the economic expectation to 5.3 % for the year 2012-2013.

Merely on the receiving the news, the Indian stock markets slipped negative almost by 200 points that means that people and instituions are withdrawing their investment, while the Nifty index came down by 60 points.

So with the investment being pulled out from the market, does the Finance minister still vouch for the fly-by-night speculation that the economic GDP would grow by 7% for the coming fiscal ?


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What about your future ?

As I dare to type these few words, I suddenly realize that it has been a good one long year since I last attempted to use this space for writing or reflecting on something. So many things going on my mind right now as I begin to type, hard to believe but, I am still confused if posting this matter or not.

Not that I claim to be gifted like superman, who was souvenir underwear over his pants, but then at one point I was at peak of writing crap and was proud of it, strangely even my reader appreciated it with comments or sometime rotten tomatoes which I devouringly ate.

Interesting I found that one of my reader, informing on the contents of my blog to my parents, no not the CIA; these days they are busy with AL-MUJRA or something. LOL, I could not help but burst into laughter while my parents took turns
blast at me, my not so tech savvy dad and mom had literally brought some pages of my blog as a proof of my misdeed.

They had actually highlighted few words and were sarcastically reading it all out, I especially loved my dad’ dialogue “is this why we send you…. and this is what you along with your friends do? By the way that night was celebration in our colony, so the orchestra of my house was silenced by the fireworks outside, but again this experience is something that I would narrate to my grandkids.

Anyway as of this moment my profile to you is, I am a post graduate student, not doing much and awaiting for my joining date of employment i.e. on June 14th. But sometime the very thought of making a decision of life makes me ponder over many thoughts like many of us,……… is this, what I want to do? Do I want to be recognized as so and so for the rest of my life? Will I fit in? Am I taking the right decision? What if I end up doing nothing? The rosy dream that I saw earlier now seems difficult to achieve.

Uff, too much and too many I must say, moreover not that I disrespect my appa and amma, but then they sometime go way overboard about my future. My mom ever since me getting “Zero” in maths for the first time in 3rd standard, has given-up on me.  Trivia- in my family almost everybody is an engineer and that kind of nut (they might be today working in some field miles irrelevant to engineering) but anyine failing in maths is like Western toilet without tissue paper.

I mean till date, you would find my mom first in a Queue to buy the weekly edition of employment newspaper or first to grab a copy of Government job application for positions such as 2nd division clerk, attendant, receptionist and so on (not that I have little respect for these positions, in fact I firmly believe that every job has its own crucial contribution). But in my case, I felt I could contribute in some other field, can you believe upon my mom insistence I have signed almost 30 applications of these job openings and almost ended up applying for one after I finished my degree.

My mom doesn’t give a damn to the job profile or salary, as long as it is a government job, she would in fact not mind if I were a terrorist as long as government awards me PF, GF, quarters, pension and some type of section supervisor while nearing my retirement.

My Appa on the other hand cold stare whenever I idol and watch T.V, it seems he is “ab tera kya hoga kalia”. Job..Future..Job.. Future, this is all the talk of the town.

Then there are some YO-YO relatives and brain-dead neighbors, acting paparazzi’s of my life, wanting to know what I am going to for living.

I mean all these things are crazy, when can one live like a human, at every point we find ourselves justifying to others for being who we are (usually we call this situation as pressure)…….HI I am student.. Hi I am a government employee… Hi I am retired bank manager… Hi I am priest… Hi I study in school…Hi I am married… Kind of strongly feel that the world has got some epidemic of role disorder or something.. The moment someone say’s “hey cool..As of now I am not doing anything”, people look as though something is abnormal and they either distance themselves or might even disown such people.

When last time I was at New Delhi doing internship, I found though the place was full of people, it whole society had a nuclear family pattern (staying only with the near and dear one’s) and the entire society in this case was disintegrated within itself.

 In a simple example: In Delhi there was this trend of people irrespective of their age, sex, status unknown to one another were popping a music headphones onto themselves. It looked as though they were entertaining themselves but actually they were shutting themselves within a wall from one another. This was one of the biggest cultural shocks for me it was not easy to fit in here and sincerely committed to myself that at any given point of time that won’t be me.

It might be because of this perhaps that though I was in the place for a s short duration was able to so many friends and who till date keep the occasional contact.

Anyway back to my living room at this moment, I have 2 week unplanned vacation ahead, hope it would be of sum learning value, I have not told my parents about it.. Since they would me make carry all that food, luggage and portable life support ventilator and such others. While I still have time left for my own, hope at least this trip would be a worthwhile.

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Have you heard of Jodikatta ???

When someone mentioned that in a village in India some people did not have bath almost three months due to lack of electricity and water, obviously the news was shocking.  As most of the time the media and the government almost convinces us that GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is god and the country is “actually” in the verge of being a “SUPERPOWER” by 2020.

While internationally, India boasts of being the land of villages modeled after the Gandhian principles of Swarajya or little democratic republic, it’s over half a century since a sustainable development has taken place in rural India that has improved the living conditions of its people.

Of several neglected villages in the country, stands this tiny village Jodikatta (Veerapura) in the midst of forest at Mundgod taluk in North Karnataka, housing approximately about 56 to 58 families. Let alone the name of this village appearing in “GOOGLE”, the entire village does not have electricity since September 2010 after a technical breakdown & not most of us knew about it.

The Hubli Electric Supply Company, HESCOM, on the other hand says that the faulty transformer was not repaired by the department as some villagers had outstanding electricity due of Rs. 87000 electricity bill. With an average income ranging from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000 per annum these villagers could either support their livelihood or pay the electricity bill.

However it is quite ridiculous action by the HESCOM to penalize the entire village for the payment arrears by the few individual households; the village loomed in darkness with neither a street lights nor water pumps to irrigate the fields.

Interestingly like many other over enthused ministry, the one with the electrical portfolio decided to list   Jodikatta under Bhagya Jyothi scheme in 2008, which guaranteed free electricity to the economically poor to avail public utility service such as street light, low powered water pumps for agriculture irrigation. However for reasons best known to HESCOM, this scheme was withdrawn from this village in 2009. According to Vital Beeru Kolegar “We don’t know why this service is discontinued, though we have repeatedly complained that in the absence of electricity we cannot water our fields, then the crops either fails to yield or gets destroyed.”

Laxman who owns a small tea stall says “there are only two wells to cater to water requirements of the entire village and a single pond to bathe approximately 2000 cattle’s in the village.”

Meanwhile in spite of repeated plea both from the villagers and the civil society in the area, the HESCOM turned deaf ears to the request of sending a maintenance team to rectify the problem in the transformer. Paresh Kumar, a traveler who stayed in this country side says “for months the people said that they did not have bath, can you believe that? I could daily see some 20 odd small school children aged between 10 to 12 pitiably walking a distance of 500 meters to fetch water” he adds “In the absence of electricity almost every day these kids strained their eyes to study for examination under fire lamps.”

The village lacks basic utility services such as public transport, newspaper & media, water taps and the nearest healthcare facility that is approximately 10 kilometers away. While chatting with the villagers it was realized that they lacked general awareness and were either misinformed, clueless of several schemes available to their relief.

Jaanu Beeru Yedige a farmer in Veerapur village says “the government does not seem to pay much heed to any of our owes, earlier we had complained of the elephant herds destroying our crops, but since the ownership title of the land is not transferred by the government in our name, the forest department won’t give us any compensation, though we have been cultivating in this land since 1968” he adds saying “we can’t even borrow credit against these lands to improve produce or to store them, though we have been cultivating the same since 1968”

The office of the section forest range officer at Kathur, Pale maintains that they are helpless to reimburse the losses to the grieved farmers as the government still holds the actual property.

For some of us it may be difficult just to imagine carrying our lives without electricity even for couple of hours let alone three months. But for the invisible village like Jodikatta this is their story of daily survival. A district official was confronted with the facts related to this village for which he callously replied saying “this is a state of affair in very village, why do you want to highlight this particular issue” to make it more political he added “what is your motive?”

Off late in the early December due to the intervention by some civil society organization that appealed the government and HESCOM to stop acting insensitively to people living in villages like Jodikatta and to provide them with immediate relief, the transformer was rectified on December 5th 2010.

While problems of this small village like Jodikatta, maybe be heard time and again by some of us. These villages are those weakest links of the country that have to be strengthened in order to at least call ourselves a stable nation if be a superpower.

It is also not surprising but sad to see that while the functioning of the government is characterized by a snail phase even the news media has lost its place as the 4th estate or the watch dog of the society.

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The Disturbing Silence….

Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh is exactly 2004.89 kilometers from one its remote counterpart city in the south called Mangalore; however September 30, 2010 which some media claim to be a red letter day in the history of the country, this distance perhaps did not matter. The entire city of Mangalore, like the rest of the nation had embraced itself to face the repercussions of a judgment of the honorable lucknow bench of the Allahabad high court over Ayodhya or the Babri masjid dispute.

The moment, Mangalore got up on the early sunlight of 6.45 AM on September 30th 2010, the change in its lifestyle was evident. One glance from the top of my flat was sufficient to know the true meaning of section 144, children’s remained absent from the bus stop on the streets corner, the fish vendors who usually play DJ with that unpleasant horn honking on their cycle were missing, people took the shortest route to their respective destinations and out, the commuters on the usually busy street had disappeared.

It was interesting to note, how on this particular day, the news channels had clouded the Ayodhya Story on air from rest of the incidents happening in the country. No matter how many times one flipped the channels; the electronic media like the television were flooded with one of their highest ever sponsored programs for their so called news stories, opinion poll, panel discussion and speculative reports on Ayodhya verdict.

Nothing to do, at about 10 o clock in the morning, I decided to break my confinement at home and venture out to the city with my camera to feel its pulse. Approximately 2 kilometer away from my home locality Pandeshwar, there is this busy street junction called Hampankatta, something like what the Newyork times is for the Americans. The scene here was pretty creepy, with almost 75 percent of the regular traffic was off the road, only a single traffic police manned his post. Moreover the vehicles took the liberties of moving on their own since the inflow and outflow of traffic were at its minimal. The shopping and eateries remained either fully closed or partially open for maintainers related work, only few commuters walked cautiously keeping an eye over others shoulder.

As I ventures to the outskirts of the city the scenario was still horrifying, it more looked like a military installation or a defense zone, where apart from the uniformed patrol men only couple of civilians were visible. The movies houses were closed, the inmates of schools and colleges were enjoying holidays; it was like the entire population had evaporated leaving behind only a few.

The entire city was clamped in some kind of confusion as the day progressed, and as it came close to the verdict moment so did the population in the streets decreased, people further grew impatient and further glued to their television, perhaps if television depended on common computer like server, then I bet it would have definitely crashed owing to the number of visitors.

Later in the day after the verdict was passed, I was quite surprised to know one particular ground reality out of so many others, It seems the Lucknow city functioned as usual in its full glory with neither a Bundh or a holiday declared by the state while the rest of the country held its breath due to the verdict. As an ardent Mangalorean I was quite uneasy with this disturbing silence.

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Being “Senior citizens” in college!!!.

History repeats itself once again they say!!! Today a little more, as I regrouped with my MCMS classmates, whomI have been away since the beginning of my internship. I ran a full gallop to the 2nd floor, with the fear of being ousted for punctuality on the first day of reopening. However the gave Head of the Department was kind enough to accommodate me in the class with a disciplinary stare.

They had just finished with the morning prayers, and as an atheist I realized that “didn’t miss much!!!”

Since it is our final year, we perhaps thought that college would be lenient to the mischiefs done by its “Senior citizens” atleast this year. However the HOD again appeared in front of the class, but this time with a mischievous smile, that everybody was familiar with.

And for the next 30 minutes, HOD gloriously started defining our “KARMA” for third and fourth semester i.e. compliance with rules and regulation, assignment, dissertation, projects, surprise tests, activities, seminar’s, involvement, participation etc. Just by definition listening to weight of the work load almost broke our back and we soon realized that the words like “leniency” and “privilege” was just a mirage.

Had a chance to come across some hundred odd friends whom I missed so much for the past two months. But most of

all we missed ours seniors and other batches who stayed next door sharing the same floor. It’s been hard to believe that they were no more; not to be misunderstood; I mean they are employed by some of the top shot companies and are professionals now!!!

Thinking about the good lot seniors cum friends that we had, I really went down a nostalgic memory lane of July 06, 2009, when I was freshly kicked-out by my company after one year’s stint due to recession and had decided to take mass communication last year.

Now as I recollect those bygone friends and memories, it’s a realization that in a year’s time even the current batch

of 2nd year MCMS will be gone, maybe in a new profession, with new colleagues and friends, some near or some maybe even in different part of the world. But the story of these 12 idiots of MCMS students will stay alive afresh in everybody’s mind.

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Make no mistake gentlemen……..


You may not be interested in the game of football or any other sport for that matter. However make no mistake ladies and gentleman, but today the world will stand still as the clock strikes 12.00am IST to witness the greatest battle befitting to be witness by “GODS”.

One the one side I give U – Team “Spain”

Which with its incredible “possession football technique sweeps the victory down to the net, while its opposition remain dazed as their supporters switch sides to Spain as a mark of respect for the quality of game played.The team seemed to grow with a well knit brotherhood of gentlemen who fight together till the end. In the entire series the Spaniards remained focused on their gaming techniques and almost never lost their cool even with the aggressive goliath like Paraguay that was under the supervision of Maradona.  

On the other hand I give U – Team “Germany”

Who, with their quick pace and a mechanically orchestrate team effort are known to be the best counter-attack team in the world. Time and again the German team gave the worlds best speculators a run for their money by timing goals when mere mortals least expected it. The English team by no doubt had the “gut” of a worthy competitor, but they were mowed down like a “grass” by the German Blitzkrieg that scored 4 goals against the English team that was forced to stick to a 0 in the quarter finals. 

If you have been following the World cup 2010 matches closely like some, you will realize that this was no ordinary event. The two have proved that “that yesterday is past and they have moved on, it is only the present that matters”  


I am never regular at sport-reporting and I least follow it, moreover due to my internship pressures, I thought of taking a break from blogging till July 15th.  However a great amount of anticipation was in my mind since I followed almost every match of these teams.  This article of mine may be a pure exaggeration as some would rightly point out, but for the undying “Adrenaline rush” of a football fan in me this will be nothing more than the fight of the “super-humans”.  

Now for the “Conclusion”   

Both the teams have the dream of winning this world cup, for Spaniards this is the 7th time hovering close to the semi finals in past 60 years, while for Germany this is their 4th chance to hold the “World Cup” high in the air.  

So again I repeat Ladies and gentleman………….Make no mistake for the team that “Wins” today’s match will be remembered for the “History” and the one that “Looses” will walk with their heads held “High”


World stands will still stand still at 12.00am IST between the finish of 7th night and beginning of the 8th day on of July 2010. As the clock strikes to commence the battle befitting to be witnessed by the “GODS”.

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Knowing the pulse of Delhi……

It’s almost 5 days in Delhi, slowly but gradually understanding the pulse ofthe city, it is quite easy to interact with people all over here. All you need to do is “Walk the walk and talk the talk” and then everything will fall in place all by itself. People in Delhi speak on diverse subject like politics; economics, transport and very often conversation begins at one a particular subject and ends in a different issue, but people are very warm and friendly.

No one till date has tagged me “Madrasi” but they often refer me as BABU and they call one another BHAYYIA. I don’t on what context they refer me to as BABU in Kannada sometime affectionately small kids are called as a babu. I hope they are not calling me a kid or a BACHHA.

I guess being a regular commuter of Delhi Transport Corporation or DTC, the daily commuting has acquired me couple of friends more friends whom I don’t know by name but they just come in and dash their conversation and become an acquaintance.

The moment I handed over my statistic paper this semester, thought that it would be my last tribute from me to the world of numbers for sometime. But sometime speaking things too early could turn dangerous, every day I need to remember nearly five to six sets of numbers to travel to and fro from my residence to the office like 534, 717,716,715,534A and some other as a back up.

Wish I had just paid more concentration on my Hindi reading and writing skill as much as I learnt to speak Hindi. Almost every bus that ply have their address board typed in Hindi alphabets, by the time I finish reading the entire word or sometime even half way through and signal the driver to stop, the bus would either have passed already or that would be a wrong bus.  So literally till someone stands by my side as a co-passenger in the bus stop and helps me to identify the bus its almost impossible for me to stop all alone.

The internship is going on fine had a very warm reception from the boss and colleagues. Few hours in the office also helped me to get acquainted with one of the co-intern who almost joined on the same date just like me.

Won’t be able to type much during these days, as I have to constantly work on my internship matters here in the office.

Planning to take a break this weekend either will end up in India gate,

Parliament, Chandni chowk night even take a metro for a ride, that would be a first timer…and then the following weekends may even extend by travel plans on long weekend journeys like Amrithsr, Taj Mahal and other off beat destinations. Moreover I hope to get more pictures on these place so that memories of this visit to Delhi remains concrete.

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Accidental Friendship in Delhi !!!

It was a late evening with drizzly shower that welcomed me to Delhi as I was in a final juncture of striking a deal with a PG owner. To satisfy my hunger one of the road side Dhaba’s actually served some awesome tandoor roti for two rupees each with Dal mutter. It was a filling grump at the given price, neither did they ask me to stop eating nor did I shy away from hexagonal helping before calling it a day.

Early morning today I got ready for my office quite early at 6.45AM. As usual of a new employee, I thought of creating a best impression over my employers by reaching office early. So got up at 6.45 am put up my best clothes till finally reaching the downstairs where this girl with confused expression was waiting by the door of my neighbors flat.

I was almost through the gate when thought of giving a courtesy call to my boss ran over my mind. Over the phone I was informed that the company remains closed on Saturday, so I was expected to report to duty only on Monday. The boss ended the brief conversation by lightly ordering me saying “it’s a two day off Harsha go and discover Delhi”. Obviously it was not an assignment but then I was not prepared to take a day off therefore I came back to my room. I always believe in the dictum that goes “Everything happens for ones good”, however I couldn’t figure out what good was store in for me.

On my way back I again saw the glimpse of that same girl br the door who was still waiting for someone outside the door, she constantly pressed the bell time as though  believing some miracle would happen. I was back at my room and planning on my operation “exploring Delhi”.

As I reached downstairs this girl was still on the same spot as before, dressed in a white color salwar with some sort of hope in eyes and yet desperate. As I walked across she asked me if I knew where the residents were. I said that that I was new resident as well and didn’t know anything, with a kind of a desperate but irritated smile she started pouring down her miseries, saying that she was a student of some college abroad and she had come to meet her high school best friend after a long time and she had traveled quite far and was upset by her friends absence.

By the time she finished I was almost immune to my own personal frustration and listened to her patiently standing there as I knew that knowing more problems could not make any difference in the existing one’s. After sometime I guess she felt like she is blurting out too much information to a stranger so she apologized, as usual caught in a confused state I was thinking how to continue. So I smiled and took an excuse from her saying that I was really sorry for not being able to help her with the trouble. She smiled and said thanks anyway for listening, then I walked away.

In Delhi there are two of reacging a spot one is short cut, the other is the obvious – if you plan to take a short cut, then get ready to remember lot of names and numbers. If it’s a long cut then it’s a really a long way with only couple of places to remember e.g.: Short cut direction to my place Vasanth Kunj to a Mehroli bus stop would be: Take straight turn right at andherimode – then go by nali ka kinara- then left of doodhwaligali – from there peepal se right turn – then again 2nd red light se left – where you will find mehroli market – then finally Mehroli bus stop in front of you. But same thing on a long cut would be 5 kilometer straight and then first left by the signal. So you get the point isn’t it whether you would like to invest your brains or your muscles, the option is upto you.

Most of the people easily respond to a help request. I was quite surprised about the contradiction that people usually opinioned about Delhi that people here loose their cool too fast.

Anyways I managed to catch a bus and proceeded to Greater Kailash in search of internship location so that I oculd reach on time for the joining date. Fortunately or unfortunately the conductor directed me to Greater kailash 1 instead of 2. This I realized almost after going 3 kilometers in a wrong direction.

As I turned back almost half dead a Skoda fabia blocked my way in a screeching james bond fashion and suddenly this girl pops her head out. I felt like screaming on top of my voice like a girl when I looked at that face with unmistakably familiarity; it was the same girl who had come down to PG to meet her friend. Two things were running on my mind about this girl either she was a stalker or I was walking in front of her car all the way for 14 kilometre.

Though pretty nervous I gave this tough look of challenge with a polite smile to which she calmly responded saying “hey what are you doing?”. I had pretty much same stuff to ask her but then I told her my purpose and then asked her to justify her presence. She pointed out a huger house behind against which I was standing in the front with palacial kind of furnished wood type exterior and said “See that is my house”. I thought to myself “my doubts were right she is a rich crazy woman stalking people with her money”.

Before I could again say anything she said “chalo lets go to that place for coffee”. I was still out of cold for the shock she gave me but at the same time pretty tired myself. On my own I would never enter a coffee shop so thought of going ahead with a blank mind.

We went for a coffee and I further explained my story of internship and how she had freaked me out. The tread mill called Greater Kailash had almost made my legs numb, I was not able to sit at the same position even at the coffee shop.

Seems this girl is pursuing her Masters of commerce or something similar abroad and then we chatted some more stuff. She expressed her interest in bollywood movies and her favorite picks from Chinese, Iranian and Italian movies

After this she was kind enough to drive me all the way to my internship location, from there this girls took me around a guided tour to some popular hang out destinations like malls and multiplexes in the city. In any case it was a wonderful experience for me to travel the streets of Delhi by car instead of regular DTC.

It was almost 6 we were nearing our PG, meanwhile the girl had already called some more of her friends who joined us at the same Dhaba were I had the dinner the previous night. It was fun to eat by the road in such a large company of people whom you hardly know by name and yet feel lively. …. It was almost late, some of us exchanged our number promised to keep in touch and then we called it a day……

As for me I still cherish this sweet memory of having some accidental acquaintances at Delhi. Perhaps this restores my faith in the dictum “Everything happens for good”

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One thing about Delhi………

As I landed this day at the Delhi airport there was this mixed sense of feeling going on my mind of happiness, excitement, loneliness was creeping in my mind. Stepping out of the Delhi airport terminal I saw some beautiful emotional reception of tears and joy of home comming by a family for their dear one’s. At this junture for the first time I had a feeling of missing home.But I guess this is common when certain things affect us and our life, then it is upon us to avoid such deterrance and move on.

The interesting question that popped up in my mind standing there was “NOW WHAT TO DO”Call it the story of “TWO STATES” or “TALE OF THREE CITIES” for the past 18 hours I have had my breakfast in Karnataka, lunch at Goa and then the dinner at Delhi…..

Interestingly or stupidly somehow I assumed that it was possible to tackle hush-bush of Delhi with two books – “LEARN HINDI IN THIRTY DAYS” and “THE DELHI MAP”. When I told this to one my three point of contact at Delhi over the phone today she could not excuse herself from bursting into laughter on my face at the choice of my survival kit in Delhi.

Infact she was right, a few hours after my arrival, venturing out to the city in the late evening all alone I realized that there was a huge contrast in the small 5 lettered name of this place “DELHI” and its huge structure.

A rough look at the spectacles at Delhi would make one assume this city is a huge museum of architectural wonders, some new and others reminding telling stories of the distant memory lane of our country. Every since my childhood I had always heard or seen this place on my 21inch television and at occasion must have also underestimated it size, but it is only now that I witness its huge and mammoth size that would humble even the mightiest ego.

The roads are broad and straight, every alternative building is like a huge mall, it is interesting to note that while the old heritage buildings magnify their style on the horizontal style of architecture i.e. the building are wide in its breadth or the carpet area is broader corresponding to its height. The modern buildings on the other hand assert their superiority on the basis of vertical height of their structure. This notion can be perceived in two ways either it is the influence of English and American model or the economic dynamics owing to the price of real estate.    

Unlike other metropolitan cities which are glamorous in articulating their developments and wonders. This city has always stayed ahead in progress letting its work speak for itself maintaining its gentlemanly spirit of silence.

If Mumbai is land of dreams, then Delhi is the land for the ambitious

It is my first visit to this city and I already feel absorbed by its virtue of its hospitality. Will be here for another two and a half months and may have more to tell about

This is the story of one city… living its everyday life….. This is the story of Delhi……. THE RAJDHANI !!!

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All iz well that ends well !!!

It took me a one whole day to recover from the kind of isolation that I had imposed upon myself to prepare for the Communication research paper which had mathematics and statistics in its menu.  My room had literally turned into an isolated fortress in which I was the only human specie. I had neither called my mom nor replied to the messages of my friends.

My condition was exactly like Chandler in the box when Joey punished him or somewhat similar to that of Sanjay Dutt in the movie Zinda. My roommates probably understood my complication with the subject, so they sacrificed their Sunday movie on their Laptop, stopped playing cards nor did they invite any of their friends to the room for weekend booze. They were on their own like a dead body sleeping sometimes going out of the room.

Straining my eyes, working of stats problem, repeating the formulas again and again, trying to work on my pictographic memory, using loads of rough work sheets just to remember one thing at a time, sleep deprivation, lack of personal hygiene, concoction of bread, jam, rice, chapattis, pickle, yogurt, water, curds burger, tooth paste, dosa, tea ….wait did I just say toothpaste!!! Yeah maybe even that also, thankfully the room came with an attached wash room.

Moreover on one hand there was this hot summer and on the other the electricity departments were playing OONGLICRICKET in their office. The power was just not stable it was going on and off – on and off.

No matter how much ever Shikhari Shambhu I try to be during other time, when it came to facing statistic examination I had reduced to a mere human of flesh and bone. Isolated and all alone I must have probably looked like a crazy scientist trying to clone human from dolphin saliva.

The days passed just like a zap and now it was time to write history, at the examination I must have probably looked like a magician with 2 calculator , 2 pencil, one sharpener, a eraser one for ink and one for pencil, small and large measuring scale and on top of that a bangle to draw pie circle. Oh yeah the bangle was stolen from the gift pack of my room mate who probably brought for his girlfriend and believe me it was more difficult to steal things than buy one.

If I were a camera sensor looking at al the face of all the examinees I would probably flash “FACE NOT DETECTED” message on the display screen. Anyway I was pretty confidant to score a decent grade with the kind of effort I had put in to learn the problem.

You might understand the kind of intensity and anticipation that the student have before they receive their question paper, so I was going through all that. Every minute that acute sense of “AB TERA KYA HOGA KALIA” kind of feeling was going through my mind.

Suddenly the bell goes on, the invigilator swirls like that SHAKTI-MAN/WOMAN distributing question papers at quick  succession to every candidate. I received my paper more confidently than usual but the first look at it turned me pale – Only one sum and rest all were theory. I flipped the other side there were no sum at all!!! I wondered if the attachment paper was missing in my set of dossier, so I looked around only to find mirror like reaction from others faces.

Guys if you recollect this movie MERI JUNG of Anil Kapoor, there is a scene in the opening when his father Kirish karnad is hanged and Nutan receives the news with that expression over her a face where she neither she laughs nor she cries…..Yeah egjactly the same one, I was Nutan for that moment not knowing how to respond, I cannot recollect what I was seeing but I am pretty much sure there was this KUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN sound going on my ear, similar to that of All India Radio when there is no transmission.

Anyways I gathered my bits and pieces once again found some familiar question and then started writing the exam like Mr. Bean reincarnated. Could not believe but as my own AS I said to myself “Gosh I hope there were few from statistics” I dunno wheather I had to be happy or sad. Obviously this was a semester “TEST” in its truest sense. After the exams I could witness some sights and sounds post examination from all quarters, loitered for some time before leaving to PG.

The sacrifice of roommates was in drains and I had no commonsensical explanation and a slight signal of attitude on my part would definitely invite some broken bones. So going by the principles of MIRINDA – Zor ka jatka thing I decided to host them for a dinner and then break the news.

At the dinner they were drunk and I knew the time was right to telltale. I don’t know wheather it was the alcohol or….. they really pretended as though they understood my situation and said it was alright.  After all this it was early morning 1.30 AM when we reached the PG.

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Days of our lives !!!

The notion of social norm or mannerism sometime forces upon us certain actions that we perform robotically without thinking or reasoning. I mean, even the dog knows the reason for wagging its tail, so as social animals shouldn’t we at least try to find logic in the way we do things?

It is a fact that we human beings are the most comical characters living ever since the origin of this planet. While reflecting over these unquestioned actions which I myself executed so beautifully like an army drill, the thought made me wonder why I did such things to myself.

Walking down the steps of the concrete hallway of my old high school, I along with my old buddies recollected several nostalgic memories that made us laugh out for drilling ourselves into some embarrassing moments. Since even I was the part of that brat group even I had many scenes which makes me embarrassed at the very thought of it.

Buying my First Suit

It was during my 10th standard exam that the entire batch of high school friends decided to have black suit as the uniform dress code for School day celebration. It took a great deal of time, patience & effort to convince parents to buy a brand suit for school day celebration.

Obviously the idea of a suit came from probably by a Bollywood or a Hollywood movie and that blanketed our commonsense of Mangalore summer.

On the D-DAY every one of us literally broke into sweat as the day progressed because of the heat. The program was only through halfway but we had already stripped ourselves from that over coat & looked like hotel bell-boys.

Our parents who were the special invitees for the occasion gave an assassins look for going against their advice and then not wearing the suit. It was more than what we could ask for, so we had to drape ourselves with that carpet thick stuff again. To worsen things my friend’s mother went onstage to narrate the incident & made us a laughter stock. No soon the program came to an end we started swearing and cursing one another for the “GREAT” suit idea.

Mobile showoff !!!

We were more influenced to follow the footsteps of Bill Gates who made his first million dollars unconventionally therefore we never focused on our studies during our 10th board exam. However our parents were a little pessimist of our Gates foundation so we were forced to college.

To compensate for shattering dreams, my parents decided to gift me with a brand new cell phone. Since I was among the very few students who owned a cell phone, we formed a small group of mobile showoffs. Those cell phones were like our identity and we flashed it almost everywhere as it brought us reputation or so we thought. Even in public transport we played the polytone sound or talk at a very high pitch to show our presence.

On certain occasion even today when I see some student or any other showing off mobile phone with its shrill volume. Though it may look crazy I just can’t stop smiling, occasionally I also break into a laugh thinking of my past.

Table manners please…..

Dinning with the teachers’ family was the treat for a student for securing good marks in the concerned subject; however this day it was something else. While battling out food with fork and knife instead my own hand, the chicken from my plate somehow jumped into the only TOORDAL serving container meant for my teacher’s vegetarian mother.

Now let’s see, a boy manages to get this rare honor faring through his studies, finally a Chicken Embargo’s him from his teacher’s home. Great!!! No wonder this teacher did not invite me for the wedding of his children.

At the end of the day !!!

It was a casual reunion of friends who grew up together since their Kindergarten & walked all the way up to the Pre-university College, till our endeavors took us apart. It was a half day gathering but all of us were able to recollect thousands of memory that made us laugh and cry all through our childhood.

Out of several topics we spoke, I decided to mention about these embarrassing moments because till this day these memories had kept me haunting and kept me running away from it.

So finally after writing this piece my mind is a little more relaxed and at peace ….

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A Village drive and A Cutting chai……

Trying to overcome the unbearable heat of Mangalore city coupled with examination, extra curricular and other assignment pressure made me go bonkers. So I finally decided to break free from my regular routine. The same day after the completion of the 2nd internal examination I grabbed my bike and drove approximately 55 kilometer towards Mangalore rural.

It was comparatively a long drive but I really wanted this type of break for a long time. As I drove through National Highway 42 there was this small isolated diversion that always used to capture my attention during my earlier travels but never had a chance to explore it. So I gathered that the time had come to get lost from life, so I followed this uneven muddy path.

A five minute drive in this interior drive through brought me to this some small village settlement. The pattern of this village establishment was quite different there was one residential structure for every 200 meters in between open agricultural fields. Still about 500 meters down the road there was this huge agricultural cultivated land with a tractor standing motionless in its midst. It was quite surprising to see that this village had no electric facility; somehow it was isolated from the developmental map of the administration.

The farmers who had toiled all day among the field sowing food crops seemed to be returning home. The chatter-patter of these gentlemen farmer who were in a group of twenty or so could be heard even up to the distances of 500 meters.

As this crowd came closer I caught some close up pictures of these farmers with my camera which was with me. The children’s accompanying this group were immediately attracted by the camera and they herded me with their curiosity.  The kids then guided me to different locations with awesome picturesque scenario. I was also able to visit this huge play ground which had a school in its remote corner.

The sun seemed to have some sort of mood swings and the mixture of color palate made it quite evident. The texture of the sky on this particular day had a combination of yellow soft bulb light shade along with the beam of pinkish orange hue as in a cocktail fusion. The climate of this romantic evening and the soft breeze whistling-by filled the senses with so many ideas and thoughts of being in paradise.

I was also quite amazed the way these children of seven to twelve adapted themselves to the technology of the camera. They also insisted me to click several photographs of themselves along with their friends and later asked to showcase it on the display screen. So I had this golden opportunity to photograph several Hrithik Roshan’s and Salman Khan’s all at one location asking their silver lining “Mera number Kab ayega”.

It was almost 20 minutes since the last kid left home after being called by his mother, all alone I waded alone towards the school complex to get some photograph. It was then this creepy feeling of being lonely in the entire ground that entered my mind. I must confess that this spooky feeling of being in this gigantic place quickly made me rush my way towards the bike almost scampering.

I was above to drive away but in about 100 meters from the school ground I had a chance encounter of this canteen. As I entered this makeshift mobile canteen a quick scan made me realize that I could recognize some familiar faces which greeted me with a warm smile. Quickly I realized that these were the same farmers whom I had met across the field earlier in the evening.

It seemed that this was the regular hangout of these gentlemen who used this place for some regular chatter patter, while waiting for a quick bite. The crowd very warmly accommodated me and then they engaged me in some lighter conversation. They asked my whereabouts and the purpose of my visit very casually, while introducing themselves.

The spontaneous chat session covered politics, economics, social activism and so many other topics and in a short span they made me feel at home.

I was able to notice that these people are quite serious about their food because the moment the food entered the dining area there was this dead silence as people settled down bite their share of palate. Every morsel of the food was chewed and relished with utmost respect to the different flavor and with due regards to the finest cooking skill of the chef of the mobile canteen.

This food was like a reward for these hard working unsung soldiers of the nation who drive70% of the economy. I couldn’t be more proud but honorably associate myself with their way of life of these great gentlemen. I just loved to slurp the tea with a frequency of along sound against the etiquette books of my father.

The price of the food in this canteen did not exceed the price tag of more than 7 rupees so being a foodie I had a big excuse to stuff myself. But then the farmers further extended their warm hospitality by exempting me from paying for my snack.

One of the elderly gentlemen thanked me for taking his sons picture, I was about to say “Don’t mention sir, that’s all right”, but almost immediately he added “now take my picture with my friends”. OOOPS!!! I hadn’t thought about this scene.

Yes exactly, it meant that for the next fifteen minute I had to take picture of the father of the future Hritik Roshan and Salman Khan.

By the end of my short expedition I was almost filled to the brim, but again was insisted to have the dinner at one of the farmer’s home. It was almost 10.00clock as I promised to post all the photographs to the postal address of the mobile canteen owner.

Then it was a 1 hour journey back to my home in the dark nostalgic night.

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My Name is Gatty say GHA from the epiglottis…

I know that the title sounds “VERY ORIGINAL”, but it is only to clarify the pronunciation of my name which became “GYAATTI” instead GATTY while in Bangalore . We were notified by our HOD, that  Mr. N. Ram; the editor in chief of The Hindu would attend a seminar conducted by St Josephs College, Bangalore.

Since Mr. N.RAM’s name was added in the invitation, we the students from the MCMS department made some quick travel plans to meet this living legend. But tickets were not available both in bus and train for this 360 kilometer journey as it was  a weekend. But our desperation got better of us and we decided to travel 12 hours to Bangalore sitting in a general compartment of a train.

Initially we are all excited about the heroism involved in traveling such a long distance for the sake of the academics. But this 12 hour of journey gave us the enlightenment on the topic called “Underestimating trouble” authored by MCMS students. It turned out that since it was a weekend the train was crowded beyond its maximum capacity. So we had to rush like the victims of a Mad cow diseases to hunt a decent seating space in the general compartment as soon as the train halted.

We realized that our efforts had paid off only when we realized that we had not only managed to enter the boogie with our hands and legs on their joints but get sufficient number of seat to accommodate everyone in the group.

After some time we settled down in the compartment and tried to distract ourselves with something or the other. One of my friends took a royal privilege of defeating me twice in the game of chess, first in three andthen in sixteen moves respectively. As I sat there ashamed of my glorious defeat my victorious friend boasted of his achievements and embarrassed me the whole night.

As the night passed by, the journey was taking its toll the excitement on our face gradually disappeared as we desperately looked for a space to sleep in the sitting chair class.  It was during these moments of struggle I found VEERU SAHASTRA BHUDDHI’S theory of competition quite true, as all of us started kicking, pulling, falling on one another to have a comfortable selfish sleep.

Even I caught up a decent two hour sleep in the luggage berth on the top; however the Indian railway seemed to be quite aware of rascals like me who try to make most of it by purchasing a ticket for a merge sum. Therefore they had dismantled three out of five wooden bars of the luggage berth, so that it can accommodate only a narrow suitcase and not people. So as you can rightly imagine the whole night I slept like a trapeze artiste trying to balance while sleeping.

Early morning we were welcomed by the cold chill of Bangalore and I tried messaging some of my contacts in the city.  We had an interesting chap from the organizers as an escort who was quite familiar Bangalore and its romance with the economics and politics of Karnataka.

Here one of this coordinator called me “GYAATTI” instead GATTY everytime.On several occasion I thought of correcting him and make use of his Epiglottis to pronounce  “GHA” instead of “GYAA” but then I thought why to make my name an issue? However this is where my assumption went wrong, because for the next two days everyone in the host college found “GYAATTI” as a peculiar name and with one pretext or another they would call me out loud so that everyone else could here it.

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My nominee for the World Women’s day….

“Behind the success of every man there is a woman”, say’s a quote which has become a cliché on any occasion while introducing women. Since even my origin is traced back to the same old no good society,  even I am starting this passage with the same old “Quotable quote”.

Yes, it is difficult for me to share my credits of success with anyone, but then it would be criminal on my part if I deny the share of my credits to some women who in some or in other way have helped me to be a better human being.

The highest credit among them all goes to my mother…..

It may take multiple entries defining of who or how my mother is? So to cut the long story short my mother is a typical Rakhee Gulzar type from the movie Karan Arjun.

As far as celebrating “Womens Day” or “Mothers Day”or celebrating her “Happy Birthday” is concerned, I usually goof-up during the gift shopping on this occasion. Since it is easy for me to associate her appearance in the kitchen, I used to present her with gifts like sandwich maker,pressure cooker, chapatti belan or an air-tight container.

Though my mother accepts these gifts gracefully without any complaints, she uses the same gifts as a medium to express her frustration. Somehow I still regret presenting her with that genuine ISI marked, metal coated Teflon plated Chapatti belan with ISO 9001-2000 certificate, which acted like the Drone bomber on me especially when I failed in mathematics exam during my high school.

Since then I am very particular about the material of the gift that I present to my mother. So according to the my personal constitutional amendment on buying gifts, I don’t buy gifts with metal or metallic finish. Its either buying a sari or some fiber photo frame. Though these new range of gifts are expensive they are risk free and non-violent.

But in spite of all these complains I still have a great respect for my mother for inculcating discipline, patience and manners in me. She also has been kind enough to tolerate all my mischievous deeds and protect me from the wrath of all those things and people against me.

So I wholeheartedly thank my mother for socializing me in the right direction, so that I could contribute and carve my own identity in the society.

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Why ban any organization???

For years, the world knows India as a nation which the British handed over to an unchallenged administration after independence. However, today India has not only carved a niche to itself as one of the most developing nations of the world but also socio-politically mature civilization.

Ironically when it comes to socio-political maturity, some of the biggest self proclaimed democracies have their own reservations on accepting certain ideologies. Certain capitalist countries like United States favoring capitalism are harsh against communist & Marxist principles; they feel threatened in accepting new ideas or philosophies.

But in India there is a true sense of freedom for everyone to choose the ideology of ones choice like democracy, liberalism, Marxism, federalism, unitary governance, capitalism, socialism, parliamentary under one roof etc. Therefore India it has gained a bold reputation for harboring different ideologies and beliefs

Society by rule consists of people who want to pursue different philosophies in life; the ideas may be classified as narrow or broad minded views. The existence of such ideas is the only way to lead the society towards progress; these ideas form a core foundation of the society.

I am quite surprised when some intellectuals brand other organization as “Narrow minded” or “Extreme Liberalism” and seek an excuse for imposing a ban on them. Be it broadminded or narrow I personally consider it quite barbaric when one group tries to kill the belief system of another by demanding legal abolishment of the same from the society. It is just wishing for a death of a person because his stands out to be different from the rest. I mean if everyone are mandated to pursue only one kind of ideology then what’s the point owning democracy.

Every ideology has its own pro’s and cons but such glitches must be deliberated & improvised, but banning them is never the solution.

History stands testimony that when an idea or belief has been suppressed they have reemerged in the society with a revolution. Every idea needs a forum of expression but in the absence of such platform ideologies convert into frustration thus leading to an aggressive representation. Everybody will be quite clear with the precedence of Nazism on this context which brought shockwaves to the entire European continent. A ban on organization will only bring an abrupt halt in its structure but its followers will continue to pursue the idea as they won’t be accepting an end to it.

It is true that believers of certain ideological groups have taken into radicalism or extremism as their weapon to impose their ideas on others. This is because they don’t find any confrontation from the other school of thoughts in terms of debates and discussions.

Since ancient times India is known for its broadminded characteristic of absorbing principles of universal ideology and fairness. It is very interesting to note that most of our nationalist ideas have their origin in foreign land, which has been then modified to suit the Indian standards. But today when the new leaders of India are trying to come up with their own thoughts & ideologies why is the society demanding a ban for their difference in opinion for a better society.

Today India stands in the cross a road of history with statesmen from different ideological schools defining a common outlook to the world from the Indian. So when the Indian intellects are deliberately pursuing new ideas and social experiment then why stop it for short term ends? The only way to confront ideological differences is by deliberation and mutual understanding by the intellects as well as the commons in the society.

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Not that noble after all………..

The entire day passed quite well as the mood in the air was quite good for a little relaxing and music after two months of busy projects and assignment. Some of my friends and I went out to have some light chomp-chomp in the mall and buy some T-shirt and shoes My friends insisted me to join for another movie but I was already done for the day watching three movies Back2Back.

On my way back as usual the power was out in my residential area so my lonely walk was accompanied by a ghostly silence in a pitch dark night. Anyway as I passed through an under construction flat some five hundreds meters away from home. I could hear some sound from a nearby distance, the sound seemed as though someone was crying in pain, but because of absence of anything in sight and distance that sound didn’t make any sense.

Out of curiosity I went towards the direction of the sound which took me to the rear side of that under construction apartment.  Nearing the other side of the apartment transported me to another world all together I can say. It was a crowd of construction laborers who were busy with their evening chores after the laborious day, none of them seem to notice my presence, perhaps the dark night also added as a cover for my investigation. 

As I roamed around the entire site with unquestioned curiosity and fascination on the life of these individuals, I was again distracted by the same sound which had brought me to this scene in the first place. I quickly gathered my pace and started walking towards the direction of that nonsense “sound” which had already started making some sense. From a distance I could see a small boy being repeatedly beaten up by a lady, who I suppose was his mother.

Though the entire scene was dark, but the place where the boy was beaten up was lit with fire cinder. So I could safely approximate that the age of the boy was between 3 to 4 years old.

A crowd of people had also gathered to see this drama, while I never actually came to know why the boy was being punished for? Some elders were justifying that the boy was being rightly disciplined for his deeds; there were others who were trying to stop the lady for acting so violently against that little life. 

While some may define an act of violence against the small child as a domestic violence, some other may sing the tune of “Spare the rod, spoil the child” for covering their guilt of the act.

Thought the entire incident lasted for not more than 15 minutes, it has lasted in my mind long enough that I had to narrate the incident by its detail. To a great extent even I am also responsible for the plight of the boys as I neither did nor say anything during the incident.

I was standing there just like rest of the idiots perhaps worried about my social status, while ignoring my social responsibility watching the show of human rights the violation. Though I have gobbled almost all the pages on human rights, the laws and its violation. I terribly regret for acting like helpless common man. 

I still remember the young toddler was screeching unable to bear the pain and yet all the while he could utter only one word repeatedly “AMMA” means “MOTHER” in English. Standing 10 meters from the place of incident I am not sure whether the boy had whip marks on his legs from that tree stem which was used to hit him. But I am sure that I saw that the kid’s eyes were filled with tears while repeatedly calling for his “AMMA”.

But my actions were “NOT NOBLE AFTER ALL “

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So its time for Valentines……….

So the V-day is finally here on February 14, universally acknowledged as Valentines Day. However everyone observes this day according to their own priority of preset tasks.

On this particular day I have observed several of my friends being quite hyperactive as though they have been hit by a steroid from cupid’s arrow, they seem to be all over the place with a never say die attitude.     

On this day expression of love can be addressed to anyone, be it between friends, boyfriend/Girlfriend, among family members, parent & kids, spouse and everyone for that matter. The whole day is not only eventful with the presence of couples all over the places but also colorful; one step outside the four walls will immediately transport one to a host of colorful bliss.

It seems the color codes on this day have primary significance: 

Red: Means Engaged i.e. these people are already seeing dating someone and therefore they are not ready to accept new proposals. While the red one’s celebrating this day would go along with their would-be on a special date to a restaurant or a long drive.

Green: No they are not vegetarians, they are the ones without any particular plans and they are interested in observing the rituals of the day. Some of them even plan for this official day to sign the “DECLARATION OF LOVE” for an entire calendar year of 364 days.

Yellow: No offence I am very much amused with this “ONLY FRIENDS TYPE” of people, they are a perfect role models for a government advertisements from the Ministry of family welfare. These guys desperately want to explore the mysterious excitement of this day, but yet they pretend to be neutral by highlighting themselves in yellow. It’s like they want to be a part of the celebration, but don’t want to be associated with it.  

White: “I WILL BE THERE FOR YOU ” These are the bunch of Jigsaw puzzles are called friends, who can’t find any better person or reason for not celebrating this day but with one another.

Friends usually hang out on malls and have lunch or dinner together on this occasion and end up shelling a lot of hard cash on buying gifts to their Bestestestestestest friends. Having friends always makes us feel wanted because at the end of the day it is always better to know that we are at least cared by some.   

The above color codes are observation specific and I cannot assure if they are universally applicable. But then again who cares for the technicality on this day all that matters is showing someone that you really care or expressing your soft corner for someone.

If you find any other color other than on the streets than these then it probably means:

  1. They forgot about their date.
  2. They dont observe this day.
  3. They have stored their dress for the final countdown.
  4. They have just broken up and repeatedly assert that they do have faith in love anymore.
  5. Or finally they probably belong to an organization that does not allow believe in expressing love.

Interestingly I found this group of intellects that has come up with a theoretically justification for not celebrating this day according to them “LOVE CAN BE EXPRESSED AT ALL THE TIME OF THE YEAR THEN WHY PARTICULAR ON THIS DAY” Now this is one of the reason why I love India, for every thesis there is a hypothesis and unique interpretation.

In any case what’s the harm in enjoying one sunday in a unique way instead of spending it like just another weekend.

Anyways for all you guys celebrating “Valentines Day” have a wonderful day and time with you loved ones.  Else enjoy your weekend.

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Adjust Complain or Lead

Human beings have been classified into various categories with regards to their intelligence, appearance race, religion, gender and all the other type of quantifiable and qualitative assessments. A famous quote once defined human beings only as a social animal, however today it is conclusive that human beings are anything but simple beings. Complexity is found in almost every aspect of human behavior, the way we talk, act, think and behave in different circumstances.

It wouldn’t be apt on my part to assert my study as a experience as I have a lot more to learn from life. But due to interaction with people from different walks of life, I have slightly developed a skill of systematic observation. Mostly I observe behavior, body language, action and reactions of people on various situations, on the basis of social activism or the role of individuals in the society people can be divided into three types.  


 “Live and let live” in simple words seems to be the belief system of the adjusters who are quite contented in minding their own business. Adjusters take minimum risk and commitment for the society. They do not bother to interfere in other’s matter unless they are either directly or indirectly affected by it. Their words and actions are a calculated and measured in usage EG: If an adjusters come across a pothole on the road they would rather go around it mumbling few curses on City Corporation for poor maintenance than taking some initiative to resolve the matter.  


Complaining about someone or something is a universal practice of expressing grievance among human being. But complaining can be effective only if it is addressed through a proper channel or through a person concerned. However this practice of complaining is taken for granted by many complainants. It is one of the favorite national pastimes which has even inspired several television serials, with special reference to “K” serials. Complainants are the one’s take every opportunity or forum to express their grievances any where anytime. However they usually use most of their potential either in kitchen gossip or even better to crib during their leisure.

It is either that the complainants are not aware of the proper mechanism to get their problems resorted or they just do not have enough conviction to highlight objections. In any case they end up taking no action for justice and just end up as complainants.

Change leaders/ agents

These people take the entire limelight in the society due to their extraordinary ways of expressing the matter. Usually the heroes or the change agents or the leaders of the society are characterized for having upright conviction and moral integrity while bringing justice to their cause.

Their innovative methods of resolving social evils or initiation of a new thought process can mould the outlook of the entire generation’s altogether.  These are the people who are instinctive experts in identifying the roots of the problem and systematically engage with it Head on.

The leaders are mostly portrayed very gloriously in cinemas inspiring the audience to be like them. However what the cinemas don’t show is the stiff resistance, disagreements, hardships and the patience that these leaders face during their years of struggle to float new ideas. Usually the leaders of these societies owe a lot of sacrifices in terms of family and relationships, money and sometime even life.

The novel ideas of these revolutionary thinkers have left an ever lasting impact on the entire humankind and yet it is difficult to believe that these mere mortals are just made of flesh and blood like you and me.  The reason I pursued to understand the above differences is to know the order of my belongingness to the particular group.

“I tried being an ignorant … but the problems kept on haunting me

I tried to complain but nobody would listen

Then I decided to face them, now I can’t find problems anymore”

Not even half way through being an agent of change I have realized that it is not bed of roses. But then this beautiful romance that I derive with success achieved after a long struggle boosts the moral to confront more challenges.

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Reaction to 1st Semester Results

Saturday afternoon I called up my mother to tell her that, a decent 75% figure was on my report card this semester. At first I received congrats from her, but then immediately she started her usual speech and comparison on “How her colleagues’ son got 93% in his exam and how I keep a target of 95% for the examinations in the future. Earlier I used to argue at this point and express my frustration, but I am quite used to the drill, so I know exactly how to behave. I kept on saying, okay…….okay…..okay and that’s it … after sometime she had to attend her work and then “Alls well that ends well”.

The college notice board which otherwise would remain like a barren desert was crowded with students. I was planning to go home after a glimpse on my results but then I met one of my old acquaintances and got engaged in conversation. With nothing much to do I started off with my bad habit of observing student reactions after knowing their results. The college had suddenly turned into a film set of RAJASHREE productions with a mixture of all sorts of emotions from students pouring with relatives and friends to see their results. 

Its bad manners, but I must confess that I could not resist eavesdropping to conversation among students. A group of guys with spike haircut and the photo print of Cheguvera on their t-shirts were seriously discussing the prospectus of joining their family business, supporting their parents and leading a good life: The reason was quite obvious; they had flunked in their exams and did not have any alternative plans so they had to pack their bags back to home. 

Regular toppers who had secured less mark than their competitors made their best effort to hide their regret by pasting an artificial smile on their face. Their eyes were almost red with moisture of tears which they must have washed of few minutes back. If eyes could kill, there would have been a mass grave of toppers who had secured more marks than these less fortunate. Some other students were just wailing and trying to justify how officials at correction centre were unfair with their papers.

Quite strangely there were some students who seem to worry about those who had not managed well in their exam. I really felt appreciating the efforts of these noble souls who were preaching others to focus on other important things of life than securing good marks. It was an exceptional service I felt, but then a little enquiry over the matter just revealed the true picture about these people. These creeps were the 1st rank holders in their respective batches and had no reason to worry whatsoever they would be probably receiving their gold medal from the university very soon and hence they were being Mother Theresa’s.

Jeeps and bikes were roaring, some of them had started vrooming towards the nearest party house for celebrating whatever results they got.

My association would definitely be the “The free-spirits” GROUP – The one with their own mind. So 50% in theory and the 75% in practical would just be my cup of tea.

As of now heading to café – coffee Day.

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Is Photography an Science or an Art………….

Recently I heard some interesting questioning on the fundamental concept of the photography. As they say listening to new ideas brings you closer to a subject and this is how it all started.


The point of discussion was whether photography is an art or a science, being an amateur and a hobbyist photographer myself the spontaneous flow of thoughts of the participants against the old conventional ideas hiked my curiosity towards the debate. I had my own reservation regarding the matter at first but then after listening to the volley-ball of dialogues from both the sides I decided to do some research on the matter before drawing a conclusion.

However I would also like to welcome any kind of further interpretation that would either contribute to the understanding of photography or submit an alternative theory. 

An artist arranges his art-palette with different colors, erects the painting canvas at a proper height and chooses an appropriate painting brush to illustrate his creativity. Then with a synchronized movement of wrist muscle, the artist strokes the canvas with a right amount of pressure from the brush to create a masterpiece. Now can we address this artist as a “colour scientist” and his art-work as an “invention of science” because he used colours that are made out of chemical?

Then how can we say photography is a science just because it needs a little understanding of film developing technology from the photographer.

Like the above given example of a paint artiste even the photographers need to have an in-depth knowledge on all the materials being used for photography. Unlike the pursuit for perfection by the scientist in science for a definite outcome, a photographer can never claim to have captured a perfect image. A photographer can only try to capture his subject using his best judgment of his creative techniques and imaginary skills.

As the proverb quotes “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, hence it is not necessary that everyone shares a similar opinion on a photograph. Since both admiration and criticism is a subjective concept, the audience becomes the ultimate judge to interpret this art both as an admirer and a critic.

As a conclusion I would like to add that photography is an art that tries to entice the visual sense of its audience and often speaks louder than words.

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Killing ego for Good………

“Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?” – Abraham Lincoln

This quote ever since I heard of it has been challenging my thought process, because I assumed that at certain level every person must nurture “EGO” as a part of their behavior. However I dont mean of putting down the defences.

But then, couple of week’s back I had a major fight with one of my friend whom I had known since 2nd standard.  I can’t remember for what reason, but at the end of the day we both left without seeing each other. Just like any other fights in the following days there were silent treatment and pretension of feeling disturbed by each others presence, sounds immature, isn’t it?

Weeks later in one of the party’s while my friends started introducing to new acquaintances, even I met couple of people. The laser disco light was directly beamed into the eyes, in that semilighting condition one could hardly see and assume what the other looked like. But even in this scene I could recognize this guy whom I was above to shake hands, my old buddy. The moment we saw each other we withdrew our arms back to our pocket as though we had touched a 230 volt shock or something, we felt embarrassed and left. For the rest of the party I was with my friends on the east and the other was on the west.

From then on several other occasions we either smiled blankly or pretended not to notice another. But I know this friend like my brother for a very long time, so it was difficult to pretend not knowing him.

Hesitantly then one day I decided to call-off the cold war and spoke normally to my friend. In return I got the usual suspicious look, the reason was quite obvious. But then I felt quite peace at mind as though I had done something great. So I made this practice every time and then carried on for business as usual.

Things went like this for quite sometime till one fine on Sunday my roomies told me that some friend of mine was waiting for me in the hall. You guessed it right, that was my old time buddy friend who had come to meet. He had come to invite me for a party, and without any apology or remorse we spoke to each with quite normal flow for 10 minutes or something.

Couple of days later I read this book on Abraham Lincoln where I read his words “Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them” and then I realized that these were some signals for me to grow up intellectually. Break all these petty personal conflicts and “EGO” related matters, because I could not let my ego control my relationship with my friends and my behavior. 

After lot of thinking I took one of the most bold decision of my life, I broke this mental barrier called “EGO” and messaged several of my old acquaintance on email or via SMS whom I believed to have communication gap and just sent “HI” as subject and the body of the message. I was quite taken aback the next day when found that almost 80% of the addressees responded to me. Some stories they shared were lengthy enough for a love letter but worth reading every word. 

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Just finished my first Directorial Debut……..

I finally get time to tap something on my laptop…. Not that I was in a busy schedule or something but for the first time I was directing a movie. It was a short film called     “The-Barricade” which is supposed to exhibit my skill on broadcast media. Since it was for the first time I involved myself in a film production as a director, I could learn many new things.  

Usually onscreen a director is represented by a guy who has all the wonderful equipment of the world under his footsteps with a round-hat and a chair. But in reality my theory would say that director had to be a multi-tasking person who is sandwiched between defining creativity and justifying to the producer.

Though the title says “Director”, directing people was the least and last authority I had especially with my crew. Especially since it was a non-commercial movie, it involved no remuneration to the participants of the production process. I had to squeeze almost all the experience of my life to negotiate, convince, influence and yet maintain patience with the regular changes that came with the production process. 

Starting with the sacred task of convincing the story board with the script for approval, then scouting for locations, making the actors understand their character sketch, capturing shots at night with artificial lighting, working with the sound co-ordination department, constantly talking over the phone to co-ordinate with all the things, demanding meticulousness from editors, convincing storyboard about the needed leniency in script alterations and finally running short of limited budget constantly. 

Since I needed some online material I stayed at home for couple of days and also had to face the music from my parents who were unhappy with my check-in and check-out time. Moreover the regular classes from 9 to 5 left me with little options but to edit the movie at night.

Now after cribbing all the way from the beginning if I have led to an assumption that this story ends like every other “Lived happily ever type” then lets pull-up the handbrakes at once. Because when I reviewed the captured shots we realized that the lighting had given way for a major error some scenes had totally blacked-out and it took some very good patience of my editor for improvisations.

In my opinion the movie has turned out to be okay for amateur with a lot of scope for improvement. But the efforts that the cast had put by working18 hours after class without a decent break and the technical crew sat on the editing table for 20 hours non stop to get the project done. My friends I prostrate before you for you unquestioned trust and co-operation.

As for me, I have gained a lot of experience being the part of the process and probably will work on the errors on the next projects. As of now will vrooming to my PG and be dead in the bed till tomorrow morning…. Happy Sankranthi to all

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Nine resolution for 2010

So finally it’s the end of 2009 and the arrival of the first decade of this new millennium. As a formality even I am engrossed in preparing a list of New Year resolution for the following year, while underlining every possible loophole I can take to those commitments. 

The word Resolution when split in two words forms “Re – solution”, sounds like it has something to do with finding new solution or doing things the right way.  The season of resolution also gives an excuse for some of us to justify our sudden change in behavior instead of embarrassingly admitting our mistakes.

To err is human they say, hence I have good number of reasons to make plenty of commitments of betterment.

 The first and foremost priority of this entire year is to pass in the statistic paper this semester, which has been playing “Thandava” in my academics.  Even if I just pass on this paper I promise to three more calculations as a pledge.  

Gotta maintain that 70kilo of luggage in my biology for the entire year, so it means I need to distance myself away from food and embrace exercise. Can life be more horrible than this? 

Want to gobble these yummy delicacies at least once like lobster, Turkey, Caviar, Dark chocolate, Dokhla, Sushi, Chocolate shot, Ice-peda, cheese cake and Tiger prawns. Must hunt for these food and consume as early as possible. Invite me if you are preparing any of the above. 

Need to learn preparing more food items; other than preparing noodles, boiling water, steaming egg.

Also need to put up the habit of listening to new ideas in spite of contradiction. 

It’s hard fact for me to digest that in the world there are 5 billion people and I have just 78 friends and around 100 other acquaintance in total. So I need to make more friends and network with more people transcending all kinds of discriminating barriers.   

Actively need to involve in festivities celebration of different communities of India which is celebrated in a rich traditional and glamorous way be it religious communities or ideological groups 

Seriously need to improve my handwriting which the government is in the verge of either banning or declaring it as a new Lippi or a language. 

On weekly basis must watch newly released movies on first day first show basis. 

The above are the only few things I can grasp to improve at ASAP criteria… If you have any other suggestion that I need to look upon immediately please feel free to recommend.

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Life at 70…….

No no…. I have not yet turned 70years old, that event may take some time. But right now I have managed to shed 20 kilos of all the excess carbohydrate, protein, mineral and those wonderful discoveries of biology from my body and proudly i weight arround 70Kgs.

This outcome is the result of two months of labourious routine to convert myself from the Incredible Hulk to Peter parker of Spiderman. The first phase of this effort was in the month of January where I got down to 80 Kilos and the second phase started from this December and settled at 70 Kilos.

Obviously the journey of weight loss was not pleasant, you see I am very emotional about food: the agony, the pain and the suffering that I had to undergo by sacrificing those yummy foods in the refrigerator, the height of courage that demanded me to say no for second helping and all that is still lingers in my grieved memory.

I had to cut-short my food intake from a Elephant diet to a human mode, drink gallons of water on regular basis and then walk for about an hour a day. Yes of course there were times when psychologically I felt like quitting this regimental routine, but then somehow the will power took over the mind and urged me to move on.

 Now having reached the either side of the shore, it’s nice to see good number of people cheering at my accomplishment and my days of struggle were worth it.

Don’t know the medically proven advantages of weight loss as I never bothered to study that, Maybe Dr. Xorkes would like us to help with that. But the immediate “5 points advantages popping-up in my mind are:

  • Bike started giving more mileage due to 20 kg less load.
  • Brought new belt to tighten pants.
  • Using less cloth material to stitch clothes.
  • Spending less on food, saving more cash for movie and stuff.
  • Standing upright I am able to see my own feet without leaning forward and so on………

At the vote of thanks: I would like to thank my mother for provoking me to loose weight by buying me a tight fit retro-style trouser as a birthday present, when I was 90 kilos and asked me to fit in when I have lost weight.

Today finally I have fit in perfectly.

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STREET smart STREET food

It’s quite interesting to come across people who make keep fussing about eating street food like Panipuri, Chinese, Gola or any other chaat item. Some of them prefer calling the unexplored world of street food as junk food but then the same guys don’t mind puffing stacks of tobacco or gallons of alcohol in the name of socializing.

The primary argument is that the Indian street foods have the highest rated caloric value, low on nutrition value, junk content and all that Blah Blah… But that never stops me from exploring those delicacies of Indian flavor that is available with the street vendors.

In fact I was always curious to know how these vendors operated their business in the presence of tough competition from corporate hotels and lounges. Being an occasional customer to such stalls and vendors myself, I had a privilege of knowing more about this unorganized business sector. These vendors are no business graduates from Harvard nor do they have Warren Buffet as business consultant and yet while the world still cribs about the global recession.  

Infact their sales boosted during recessions as the IT BT guys went broke and turned towards these petty vendors for casual snacking. Sometime I also witness some of the high profile people in their status symbol car parked outside these tiny business ventures and munching down the delicacies. 

These street smart vendors know the trick of selling ice-cream to an Eskimo and that’s why they are booming in their business. These food hawkers run business in prosperity while pursuing their livelihood.

For beginners the vendors prepare the culinary in front of a customer to tantalize them towards food. This practice also clears doubts regarding hygienic environment involved in the preparation of food.

I almost start drooling watching the variety of toppings and add-ons that are sprinkled on my palate of food. It also gives sense worthiness to the price paid for the food. Moreover the quantity supplied is quite appealing when compared to a standard hotel.

During the course of knowing their clients the vendors personalize every dish according to the needs of their customer, it can be interms adding or diluting salt, spice or any other details. They just don’t force feed their customers anything in the name of signature dishes. No wonder they register a profit up to 80 to 90 % of their investment.

Mobility is another flexible feature that these guys count on, if the business fails on one location then easily shift their positioning on another street instead of booking loss.  With a good sense of price and positioning of business these street food vendors have marked a success story in the world of unorganized business enterprise.

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MCMS standsup to the need of the hour…….

Couple of months back some 12 hand picked samples from different walks of like opted to pursue Mass Communication and media studies for whatsoever reason. Ever since then the class scenario has been noted for its high frequency discussion, argument and disagreements that would perfectly represent hell on earth.  

Because believe me when I say that these 12 individuals have opted to pursue Masters Course only for the sake of their professional credentials and not because they lack any mastery over their feild of interest. 

Imagine a world were every new idea has a billion connotation; this is exactly what the class of MCMS represents for. There are thirteen different concepts and suggestion for every single idea raised in the class and not one in agreement with another.  

Lecturers - Sr Celine.. Rev Fr Dr Richard Rego... Mr Vivek Kannadi

Infact everyday the lectures have efficiently turned themselves into professional moderators for bringing about common ground of understanding among this group. 

Yet time and again when challenged the unity of this class spoke out for one another for good and worse.This time the occassion was the Annual Sports day meet of the St Aloysius College. And the group had also to keepup its reputation of getting things done somehow. 

With the thirteen of the 2nd years gone for their internship since December 1st, the group of 12 MCMS students were almost multitasking at several ventures simultaneously when suddenly the group was bombed with additional task of walking togethar for a march-past for a Sports day. 

This meant that some quick decisions had to be taken for the given situation and somehow all the thirteen people succefully hid their ideological differences and regrouped with one another with a smiling face for the march-past. 

In midst of  other classes of not less than 49 to 85 students, this group of MCMSians was almost negligible . However this did not make any difference on the spirit of the 4th estate students. This minuscule group marched right past other groups which were almost triple in the number.  

Coincidently the colour of the group flag represented exactly to the colour of MCMS department which boosted the undying moral of the group. Hence this batch of MCMS students marched on shouting left-right-left without slightest hesitation, challenging the mightiest on the “pathala” ground. 

After 1st semester and half long months for the first time a sense of unity had bonded among the spirit of diversity of this group. The performance of the group was also recognized and welcomed by the audience with a loudest applause for their performance of boldness. 

The Students of Mass Communication and Media studies did not win prize for the march-past and yet they walked off the field with their head held high.

As for me I crazily enjoy the company of my “NAMOONA” classmates….

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Samosa Ajja…the living legend

Every morning I see this person wearing a white Khadi dress with a Gandhi Topi trying to find some familiar faces and greeting them. He may look like an ordinary old man but then I find him as an icon of hard work, dedication, honesty and commitment. I am talking about Madukeshwar Mudeyappa Malagi still popularly known as ‘Samosa Ajja’.    

 I have seen this unsung hero for approximately 7 years doing his work without any expectations or complain. I wanted to know more on this elderly gentleman so decided to engage him in a semiformal conversation one fine evening at 5oclock. 

Madukeshwar Mudeyappa Malagi or Samosa Ajja as he is commonly known was born in Badami Taluk, Yendigeri Halli, Karnataka on April 1st 1941.  He belonged to a middle class family which had a traditional occupation of petty trading.  From his early childhood days he was interested in pursuing business related occupation and after completing his S.S.L.C examination in 1961he moved to Mangalore in 1970.

From then till date it has been 40 long years that Mangalore has witnessed a man with a dedication for his work running his humble trade of selling sweets and savories. The most popular of all his preparation is a Samosa that he sells for Rs1/-, yes you heard it right.  And this price tag of his samosa is his USP Unique selling point, which has withstood the economic test of all inflation and recession.

Every morning, Samoja Ajja’s routine begins at 4.30 am with the practice of a simple vyama (exercise) followed by puja, then along with his two helpers he prepares samosas.  His routine diet consists of a simple breakfast of Jowar Roti and chutney.  Before beginning his daily business he makes a regular appearance at Sharavu temple in K.S Rao road for prayers.

He reaches is regular business spot by 8.30 am and is through out the day till 5.30pm in the evening, he is engrossed in attending his customers. Being a humble man has earned himself a lot of name and friends among his usual clients. Students of high school and college swarm around him like bees during their free time the peak hour of his business is between 12 pm to 1.00 pm and then 3.15 pm onwards.
His customers are mostly students, who affectionately call him as Samosa Ajja; his other variety of savory option includes Chikki, Laddus, Pedas, Masala Kadle, and Khadi.  

It is worth noticing that even though he has a stressful day working all the time he always maintains a child like smile throughout the time and greets everyone with respect and patience. 

I found it extremely difficult to believe that a punctual person like Samosa Ajja does not even possess a watch of his own. This meticulous gentleman depends on the High school bell to schedule his task and movement and every time he is right there as usual waiting for you.

Still surprising to know that Samosa Ajja does not take a break on Sunday even at his grand old age of 70years.

Samosa Ajja’s service to the community has not gone unnoticed; one of the schools in Mangalore had felicitated him as a chief guest during the Independence Day celebrations in their school campus.

Right from my early child hood days I have heard of many stories or fables which speaks of hardworking people of the society and some day even I aspire to be one. But rarely have I come across any of them in daily commuting, but here is a person who can just fit into the role of a person with principles, discipline and having upright commitment towards his work.  

A firm believer of Gandhian principles of “low living and high thinking”, when I asked him whether his regular was sufficient to meet his daily requirement, he says, “Money is not important, but living life qualitatively is more important.  What more can we do with the money, when the rich man also has to go to the grave and even the poor man has to go to the grave.”

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The Sikh community of Mangalore

The Sikh community contributes as one of the most vibrant and culturally diverse communities of Mangalore. In the early 1980’s, the people from Sikh community started visiting Mangalore mainly for trade and commerce. Later in the1990’s this community formally started residing in Mangalore due to growing business and employment opportunity.

Today the Sikh community in Mangalore is represented by 25 families who hail from various parts of country like Punjab, Mumbai, Haryana, New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and other parts of India. Over the years the community has proactively merged with the Mangalorean way of life and has contributed tremendously to its rich traditions of growth and development.

Couple of year’s back the Sikh families from different parts of Mangalore came together and organized themselves into a community group and rented out a place in Mannagudda, Mangalore for a Gurdwara. Apart from prayer session this place also hosts several common gathering of the community members. The Priest of Gurudhwara in Mangalore is Granthi (Gyaani) Shyam Singh Ji.

The daily schedule of Gurudwara begins at 5.00am (Prakash); the morning session is called Nithnem. Nit-Nem is actually a compound word. ‘Nit’ means daily or always. ‘Nem’ is the short form of ‘Nieam’ meaning rule or practice.’Nitnem’ thus means ‘daily practice’ and has been prescribed in the Sikh Reht Maryada, the Sikh Code of Conduct.

It is also very relevant to mention here that the community meets on every Sunday at the Gurudwara sahib to worship “Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji”, the holy book of Sikhs, reciting verses from it; described as follows:

Japji Sahib – 9.30 am to 10.00AM

Sukhmani Sahib – 10 am

Shabad kirtan after

Thereafter Guru Ka langar , which is a common kitchen for all, where food (Langar) is served.

A person belonging to any caste or religion is welcome to Gurudwara to pray. A head scarf is worn by those who do not wear a turban (pag or pagri) before entering into the Gurudwara. It is both a moral and religious obligation for the devotee while entering the temple, this is worn to show reverence to Guru Granth sahib.

The concept God in the Sikh community is “Nirankar” i.e. the god has no form and also god is one i.e. ‘ek om akar’

The devotees can also participate in kirthan session which is accompanied by several instruments like tabla, harmonium, Dholki. 

All the devotees manage the affairs of the Gurdwara .They also share their responsibility as volunteers for assistance especially during Kirthan and Langar. 

The session in the evening includes;





The final ritual for the day will be Maharaj Sukhasan; this is where the Guru Granth Sahib is requested to take rest for the day. 

The festivals of Sikhs celebrated in Mangalore include Lohri, Baisakhi, and Gurunanak Jayanthi. 

In general people wearing a “Pagri” or “Pag” are referred as Punjabi’s. However the term Punjabi actually signifies the regional belongingness of any person from Punjab just like identity of the people of different states.  

At present the Gurudwara committee of Mangalore is working towards the construction of a permanent Gurudwara near Kottara Chowki, Mangalore. The land has been bought and construction would start next year.

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The Kadri Kambla Race

Kadri kambla, hosted one of the oldest sports in Dakshina Kannada on 06, December, 2009. This sport has made its way through a glorious history of over 1000 years and at times even had the royal patronage.

In a Kadri Kambla race, a pair of buffalo is trailed by its handler to the victory point over a farmland filled with water.

This event is closely associated with the farmers because in earlier days there was absence of technology to till the soil for harvesting new crops. Therefore buffaloes were made to run over the farming land to soften the hard soil.

This sporting event is organized usually during the beginning of the second round of crop sowing operation. This sport also tests the bond of team spirit of human beings and animal. Like any other track event and the winner is declared on the basis of timing of  completion in the race.

Kadri has one of the largest space in Mangalore to host this event therefore mostly the buffalo race in Mangalore is known by the jargon of “Kadri Kambla”.

During “Kadri Kambla” other events like tug of war also takes place on the same field. The event is organized by Kambla Samithi with contribution from local admirers of the sport.

Surprisingly this game has gained huge popularity and audience from different parts of country and world, who came to witness this event.

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Who let the Rains out….ufff…uff…uf…uf

I wonder what’s happening up above the world so high……

 There is something called timing for everything right? Then what on earth is this going on… It was indeed hard to believe when a day before yesterday it started raining on cats’ and dogs and other things like me in Mangalore accompanied by some heavy thunderstorm and lightning. Once again I was the victim of this unpunctual schedule of rain from the sky; along with me even my bag which had the laptop got drenched.

I had to take the laptop to the service centre, just to check if the rain water had penetrated inside the hardware. About an hour later when I returned to collect it, the laptop was lying motionless on the service table wired from all direction like a patient in an ICU unit.

The shop space was filled to its maximum capacity but it was quite interesting. This another customer standing next to me was royally yelling at the shop owner for delay in service. Seems they had not given him his Laptop for the past three weeks.

It seemed to me that this angry middle-aged man is working in some college or something. Though I did not dare to meet eye to eye with this guy due to his short circuit, a quick scan at him gave me a possible sketch about who he was. His dressing sense was very  formal with those check pattern and neatly combed, however there was some white powdered dust on his shoulder and same kind of white powder pattern over his pant pocket also on his sleeves, there was also this bag hanging on his left shoulder.

Moreover the words which he royally used to yell at the techies were quite new and provocative, which may be difficult to find in office, I guess. The word were infact so sophisticated that I was impressed and that computer guy had a million dollar look of confusion on his face as though he was just trying to figure out its meaning in his MS-Brain software.  Anyway for me as well as other customers it was a total amusement and some of other customer even joined the tune of this angry young man though they had nothing to do with the matter.

My moment of fun was cut short when one of the techies, who for whatsoever reason had worn pink coloured pant with white colour belt operating my Laptop came up to me and said that my laptop had accumulated moisture, but it would survive.

In any case the rain is supposed to be from June to September right? Then what is it doing now, this is the season when snow and Santa Claus is expected to visit earth any moment. 

However on a serious note….I just wonder if these erratic monsoon tendencies are signs of Global climate shift….

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Statistic paper in Mass Communication ???

Yes that’s rights somehow Math’s and statistics seems to be either father mother sister brother of all the subjects in the planet. I mean some or the other way they are related to all the subjects even Mass Communication which I thought was “Math’s proof”.

At least that is what the second semester Syllabus says in MCMS. Today our lecture for statistics paper while introducing the syllabus highlighted on the concepts like Ki-square, co-relation, co-efficient, Annova, non-parametric and so on. Listening to those complicated and sophisticated terminology of economics was sufficient for me to have a mild stroke in the heart. But then i survived.

I had been running away from maths and science subjects’ right from the beginning of my first standard and now I am kinda cornered. I guess this semester will be a kinda “Taare Zameen Par” movie like thing for me.

Anyway the good news is that I have recovered from my 1st day syndrome in which the person feels bored while attending college. Today the entire day was good.

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Another Semester begins……

It didn’t make any difference as we entered our first class of the second semester at 9.00AM today. But somehow as the time passed an uneasiness started creeping in the mind about investing another 1 ½ year in education.

It all started I guess when I started taking down the syllabus for second semester it was like going through a repetitive exercise of 1st semester. Moreover we enjoyed too much in media tour as though the whole course was over, we had forgotten that we were on a Parole and not free yet.

When I started complaining about that gloomy feeling to one of my buddies I was surprised to know that even he was having the same kind of something something in his stomach. In matter of 15 minutes almost everyone in the class started complaining their own first day sentiments going on in their mind after a brief holiday.

However later somehow everybody got back to life and also celebrated our classmate Kimberly’s birthday. We didn’t have a candle so we decided to use cigarette lighter instead.

A new lecturer Mr. Vishal Nayak will make his Griha-Pravesha for the first time in our class tomorrow.

By afternoon we were packed with syllabus assignment and loads of reading material along with project works. So that hollow hollow felling in the stomach went away I guess. Just like Sharukh Khan says “Hollow Hollow hojayega pyaar sajna…Hollow Hollow hojayega pyaar” okay so that’s holey….Big deal

We were also asked to select the place of internship in the month of April in metro cities. I have as of now thought of Delhi and Mumbai as suitable candidates.

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Back from Mediatour

Ho Ho Ho…..Me just arrived back from the Media Tour…. at 9.00PM from Goa-Mangalore passenger train. It was a great fun and learning experience under the able guidance of our tour-coordinator Sr. Celine Vas. Yes I was supposed to come tomorrow but change of plans…..will tell you why some other time???

My apologies to all the people who had to stuff their inbox with my Yahoo Vacation response. I have switched on my regular phone again.

Lot more updates about this travelogue in my blog coming up especially on the IFFI film festival and World record holding Ramoji Film City.

For the past 10 day except for observing field work of personalities from Media fraternity. I have not used my brains one bit….No sir not one bit… Not me……except to separate my clothes for wash.

It was infotainment study tour which was a part of our vacation lasting for 10+5 days. But then being in Media studies this is the best you could bargain for according to Working Journalist Act….

Reached back and really tired….467 EMAILS waiting to be opened Dubai enters debt crisis, India beat Sri Lanka(Good News, but not a fight match), Deepika Padukone left Ranbir and moved on.

Gosh the world has changed so much in my absence, this is why I dont take a vacation…….

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Bal Thackeray Vs Sachin Tendulkar

I held up this matter from publication for about a day so that the entire episode of Thackeray Vs Tendulkar is clear. Heard several commentaries from different sections of the society and saw some serious batting by “Netizens” who have joined on Sachin’s team against the bouncers of BAL Thackeray.

As everyone knows by now that Mr. Thackeray is under severe disagreement from all quarters of India for his editorial comments on his news publication. It is just like a desperate hooting by the captain of a sinking ship to save himself from drowning. The Thackeray’s regime of petty regionalism in politics is finally coming to an end and it’s obvious for him to take his best shots possible in order to have some momentum in his vote bank.

Call me too optimist but I feel Sachin Tendulkar has got much brighter chances of being a Prime Minister than Bal Thackeray to be elected as a chief minister of the State.

The national media is not playing its role responsibly as the voice of the people. The issue raised by Thackeray is obviously to resurface himself in political arena and the media gave him unnecessary platform of free publicity.

I do agree on the principle that the media must be people’s representative but then why courier ideas of such people that are narrow minded and not even supported by the very organization and its people.  

Media must have quickly countered the views of BAL Thackeray with the random opinion survey of Marathi people of Maharashtra. I am sure this kind of exercise would have crumbled the regionalist ideas of Thackeray and would have woken him up for the changes of 21st century.

Under a common consensus the entire Media fraternity must blackout organization or people that ignite spark and divide national unity with their autocratic directions, posing threat to the national integrity. These organizations also tarnish the image of India at the international level.

Hey Sachin we are proud of your achievements for India and standby you for times to come. You can even say that “You are proud to be the citizen of this world” because you will definitely make a gentleman ambassador for the entire Humanity.

November 17, 2009 at 6:41 PM 4 comments

World wont end on 2012

I won’t argue if anyone comes-up with a logical conclusion another_wayregarding Doomsdays of 2012. But with a little dose of common-sense and optimism I would surely like to research more on the validity of this theory.

According to Ann Martin, a doctoral candidate from the astronomy department of Cornell University, “the Mayan calendar was designed to be cyclical (repetitive) much like our understanding of mayan-calendarthe concept of “new-millennium”. Therefore it is the end of calendar cycle in Mayan society and not that the world will end.

In fact, the Mayan calendar does not end then, and there is no evidence to suggest that the Mayans or anyone for that matter had the knowledge of “end of the world” she says, on the source link of this article from Yahoo science page. I have just tried to summarise it.

Now Ann Martin is one qualified person whom I would like to listen to before coming to a conclusion about the future of this planet. But then if there are contrary rational to prove this optimistic findings otherwise then it be really interesting to listen.

2012In any case I will be watching the Sci-Fi movie “2012” in couple of days anyone interested to come along is welcome for a “POPCORN”and a “DATE”. 

I saw the trailer of this movie it looks quite breathtaking seems they must have spent billions of dollars on those graphic technology.

November 15, 2009 at 7:13 PM 5 comments

Whats your Raashi???

Whats your Raashi?

whats-your-rashiI know I am one of the last creatures to watch the movie “Whats your Raashi?” irrespective of different mixed reactions from others. I liked the movie to certain extent because of its fresh and humorous concept. According to me no one but Priyanka Chopra could have justified so many characters with such an ease and excellence.

Impact of the movie on me!!!

After watching the movie this afternoon I am kinda impressed with the method that protagonist adopts to search his life partner.

taurusIt’s not the matter whether I believe in “Raashi”or not, but out of curiosity I have gone one step further with this Raashi thing… today whole afternoon I browsed internet pages to compare my “Taurus” Raashi with all the other Raashians to see the best Raashi compatible with mine on a long term relationship. The result of this research was quite interesting and unexpected but then again there are other factors also which determine relationship between people.

Please don’t be surprised if you find me asking around “WHATS YOU RAASHIIII?”

Released on parole

Finally 1st semester exams are over today and the feeling is not like freedom from jail but then it is something like being released on a Parole (temporarygetoutofjail freedom). But then freedom is freedom as of now I can’t think of anything but living life king size.



Music of Tum Mile

Right now listening to the music of “TUM MILE” for 3rd of 4th time, it wastum-mile-movie-pre-release-review-10092 for my room mate who wanted to pass it to his friend but then after listening to the song I myself fell in love with it. Especially the love reprise version of “Tum mile” is quite with a feel.


My new pet “MACY”

By the way I was on my way to broadcast community radio SARANG107.8MHz; I adopted a small stray puppy and named it “MACY”, a playful puppy full of life; however going by her tiny size she is quite timid when other dogs pass by, she uses lower deck of car to hide and avoid trouble.puppy-garbage

Anyways it’s almost a month since I have been meeting “MACY” regularly in the college campus at 6.oo AM. If I sometime reach too early to the studio then she would camp around my bike and starts sniffing the storage area of the bike because she knows that I get biscuits or some other food stuff for her. I thought of posting her picture on the blog but due to exam pressure, I have not been able to go to studio as well meet “MACY”.

I will be going to studio for broadcast tomorrow I brought a cool purple collar for her and next month as soon as I get my monthly “LAAGAN” I plan to take her to the veterinary and get her vaccinated.

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Just watch this Video…….

Very nice video ……. I could relate myself to some of the scenarios….

November 13, 2009 at 5:33 PM 1 comment

“Mungaru Maleye Yeenu Ninna Hanigala Leele”

“Mungaru Maleye Yeenu Ninna Hanigala Leele”

DewDropsGreenLeaf1 The above is the first line of the song from the movie “Mungaru Male” “translated in English as “Rain of the season what are the wonders of your dew drops”……… This song is one of most famous Kannada romantic number both for the love-bitten & the heartbroken.

love bitBut right now I am neither…………The reason for my hear brokesudden recollection of this song is the heavy drizzle in Mangalore, that has caught plants, cats, dogs, human beings, building construction, public meetings……everyone and everything off-guard.


As the Mangalore city corporation classifies me under “human beings” even I was there somewhere taking shelter from this strong drizzle under the old library. 

toronto_thunder-storm_001The rain is accompanied by the traditional rock band from the high-sky normally referred by the scientist as “thunder”. It sounds like some heavy metal band playing the title song from the album “GHUDUM GHUDUM” and “KRRRAHKADAKHADUM”. Not soothing to listen but the creation seems to be quite unique; I guess its good enough to be classified under “High art” of Mass culture.

playing_with_the_rainIt seems that even the rain is trying to assert its importance in a city where people are getting busier by day. Today, right now is the second time of this month that people of Mangalore are suddenly caught in this confused weather.


Have the Rain and the winter season mixed up their time table?


Is it some sort of ego trouble between the two?

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So you think its a fake……?

I wont blame you if at first glance you exclaim that the picture below is a fake. 


So let me try to clarify your doubt with a small video evidence .

Welcome to Princess Juliana International Airport, which boasts of having worlds shortest runway for Airport landing.

This Airport is located at Saint Martin or Sint Marteen island, which is a island contituent country affliated with both Netherland and France.

Now…………do you believe me ? or you want to go ahead and watch again.

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Another day like this…………

ist2_2493748-final-exam-2Just finished 2 out of 5 eggjams and there are few more to go till 13th of this month. The exams are quite interesting and unique as it gives the option to the candidates to answer it in any possible way and justify it according to the theory.

ConcentrateFrontBut during the exam my biggest problem is concentrating at study time. Somehow only during the revision time my mind is bombarded with all sorts of thoughts and ideas starting from:

Why a tea without sugar more expensive?

Why there is no coconut sprinkled on the noodles?

Just like there is North and south Indian thali why don’t we have an Indian Thali?

So you get it right, I know that you have good reason to think that I have gone bonkers, but then this is the issue I have been facing right from the time they started teaching that geometry and algebra.

mediceniMy family has tried all type of recipe on me: like feeding me some trees, I mean plant, homemade chajji-bajji, traditional and foreign decoctions, granny’s recipe, memory books, Google search and all the things which people would usually avoid at the death row. But everything seems to be worthless.

sleep-learningDuring one of the previous nights of the exam after studying till late night 11.30pm, I decided to dose-off. I had barely closed my eyes when suddenly the alarm went-on. Initially I thought that I had set the alarm in a wrong mode but then to my horror I realized that it was 06.00AM already. I didn’t even realize when the time expressed so fast…… this was the worst thing that had ever happened to me. What else to do? I had to get back to revise.

By the way my Punjabi friends from Delhi who is studying in Mumbai seems to be one of the detailed readers of the blog. She always tries to dash in some topic posted in my blog during her email communications. The other day I tried to greet her in some innocent Punjabi via email and she responded to me in her sophisticated English (talk about communication barriers)

A higher primary school boy from Bangalore calls me and passes regards for a passage on Karnataka Rajyotsava seems it helped him to gather a rough picture to form a composition for a class assignment.

surpriseOh right…..I have received an invitation from a friend to attend a surprise birthday party so gotta sign off now at 10.15AM, November 07.

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The 5000th Visitor

So here we have it the 5000th visitor of the blog. I was not able to update it on the same day because I was a little involved with my exams, which as of now won’t be bothering me till Monday 9th of this month.

 Anyways here is the page layout at 5000th visitor; the visitor was an anonymous post. I tried to clarify with email addressee but I did not get any response so far. 

uplaodThank you all once again…..

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Are you the 5000th visitor….

Please check this top left handside corner of the Blog titled “VISITOR COUNT” —>

Hi guys withing 1 days we will be welcoming the 5000th visitor on this blog.  It was a 10 long months wait for this small but grand event.

So I need a small favor from you guys,  if you are the 5000th visitor on this blog then please take a “SCREEN SHOT”  of this page along with the “Visitor Count” and send it to me with a attachment email .  So that we can display it in the blog.

Prior to this I thank you very much for your active appriciation and followup with this blog. And it is only because of your regular visits on this blog that we have reached till this juncture.

thank-youThank you!thank-you-kids

I thank you thank you thank you……..once again for your active visit……Which helped the blog to achive this First step landmark.

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Kenya sings the National Anthem of India

Need I say anything ???

November 2, 2009 at 9:31 AM 1 comment

What is Karnataka Rajyotsava ???

karnataka-newThe year 1950 marked India’s emergence as one of the biggest Republic nation in the world. Following in the year 1953, State reorganization commission was formed to re-organize Indian states on basis of language, under the able leadership of Justice Fazal Ali commission. Since the criteria for the formation of Indian States was linguistic; the State of Mysore was created by merging togethar several Kannnada speaking regions of south India.

But very soon there arose a popular demand for changing the name of  “State of Mysore” by its resident citizens. Hence after a prolonged debate and discussion, our then Chief Minister, Late Devaraj Urs took this landmark decision and officially the name of the state was changed to Karnataka on Nov. 1 November 1, 1973.

Coincidently November 1, is also the same day when the States Reorganization Act passed by the Union government of India came into effect.

Every year this date is celebrated as the birthday of the State of Karnataka, popularly this day is called as “Kannada Rajyotsava” or “Karnataka Rajyotsava“, Rajyotsava meaning “birth of a state”. The very name Kannada and Karnataka evoked a sense of unity

Come Nov. 1, Karnataka will be in a joyous mood, the day is observed by the Karnataka State government as a state holiday.  Most of the people while enjoying the gift of holiday on 1st of November will also show their presence for the official state program in their respective districts, which is celebrated on par with Indian Independence Day celebration .

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka will take most of the limelight for its standard  celebration on this occasion.

Flood Hit Devastation in Northern Karnataka

hut in floodman and dogriding boat

This year though the spirit of celebrating the statehood of Karnataka lies in the heart of every Kannadiga, the celebration will be less pompous due to the flood-hit devastation in northern part of Karnataka.

The people of Karnataka along with the Government both at state and national level are undertaking a major rescue and relief operation to save all the people in the flood hit areas of Gulbarga, Raichur, Bijapur districts.

army scetcharmy boatarmy heli

More than 1000 personnel of Indian Army, Indian Air and Indian Navy along with the team of National Disaster Management Authority, Pune have been pressed into service round the clock. The flood which his considered one of the worst in decades and has already claimed lives of more than 280 people. On behalf of the people of Karnataka, this is Harsha Raj Gatty wishing you all “Happy Karnataka Rajyotsava

November 1, 2009 at 9:11 AM 1 comment

How does one define a Bad day ???


“Not very often it happens that we get caught in a trouble and to escape from it we are ready to accept help from anyone.” Official this week has been giving me a series of bad experience and tough situation to handle with.

For starters after a very long time I opened my Inbox and did not have a single mail form any of my acquaintances, forget acquaintances not even a spam.  mail

Usually I curse those spam mails which claims all sorts of hoax in the world, my favorite ones are:

“Some princess Namibura from Korokovikia asking my help to secure her fathers wealth from her maternal uncle. She wants my help in securing her wealth and she is ready to pay me 20% for my service rendered” but today she did not email me.

lotteryOr some time I will receive a lottery winners notification that claims I have won $13millions and I need to send $250 dollars for documentation along with my bank account and personal details.


Or some other time an email claims to guide me on how to loose 5 kilograms weight in 3 hours or some other thing like that…….  But today none of those funtoosh people bothered to buzz me, my email account had become a “barren” for the whole day.bill gatea

I thank Bill Gates chacha for creating something called “SPAM”.

Secondly the biggest shocker of the day was a surprise test conducted by the HOD of journalism department Rev.Fr. Richard in which we had to recite the names of  Member of Legislative Assembly’s of Karnataka and Member of Parliament of the Union government of India.

SHOT-1031Yes…..we were reminded about the surprise for almost two months but still it’s not like all those MP’s and MLA’S  stay with me in a joint family that I could recollect their names. I mean there are more than 200 representatives with names in all shapes and sounds. We had an option either to name the portfolio or the minister or the constituency, as though that made our job any easier. The whole test was like a sitting duck waiting for the hunter just to pull the trigger.

Anyway after the class I just went down for a break when I met my old friend, who for some reason was wearing a rainbow colored cap and reading a book. That guys after looking at me for about fraction of a second came slowly dragging his feet towards me……5 meters away from me…..then 4 meters…..closer 3 meters…..approaching 2 meters…… his endeyelids grew broader….there was some sort of movement in his face…. it looked likeeee….oh yes he was smiling….Just 1½ meter away in a cold tone he announced that according to the Mayan calendar the world is going to end by December 2012”………………….Hmmm…. let’s see my day is going terrible and some guy gives me a dooms day theory “HOW ON EARTH WAS I EXPECTED TO RESPOND CALMLY????”(perhaps I would have been happy if at that point the dooms day would have occurred then). I polite smiled at him and started to think of a reason to run away from this situation .

oyl-and-olive-lgSome other things of disaster included one of my friend punching my eye to demonstrate how she hit her boyfriend. I call that girl OLIVE OIL (coz she is thin like her) and her boyfriend POPEYE (coz he is associated with the Navy). My eye popeye1had inflated like incredible HULK for the next 18 hours untill it settled back to its normal geography.

As of now I am preparing for my exam and the following are in my tasks completed:

New pen bought

Collected previous years question papers

Hall ticked got just now

College dues cleared

Internet connection enabled

Exam rules by hearted

 Only thing left out is that I have yet to start my studies.

butterflies3withgaps400I don’t know wheather it is hunger or that I am feeling guilty for not studying my exam I fleeing butterflies or some creature in my stomach. Anyways it is 13.15 PM of Saturday October 31st, I have to go and just grab some lunch and then study for exam.

I saw previous years question papers of 1st internals….. Everybody like a Herald Laswell, Shannon weaver, Riley and Riley seemed stranger to me

October 31, 2009 at 2:06 PM 3 comments

Now the world says “JAI HO”

Now sing along as the world follows the Indian footsteps of


[Great Perofrmance by the french group(some refer them as Argentinians)—-Kudos]

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Did you miss me ???

funny-answers-from-exams31Hi people …… just got over with the second semester examination….. as of now got two answer scripts which fetched me close to the border line of securing my second distinction this semester. However you never know when things can change in this examinations, so keeping my fingers crossed.

By the way one of my friend who is also a blogger blasted at me because of my habbit of bombarding the email addresses of my friends with my blog updates.

The tone of logic really poured some sense in my brains, he said “just because you have the right to express, it doesnt mean you need pour it on others. So professionally speaking….please spare everyone the horror and send links only to those only who have told you to do so”

1968_Censor_CertificateNote:I had to censor several “Words”  or “Lingo” of the advice  as per cinematography act 1957, keeping the interest of the diverse audience in mind (you do know how some people get irritated and use the Right of Free speech royally…Isnt it ???).

The style in which the advice was deivered was less of “thought provoking” and more of “fight provoking“, but since it was the best peice I had listened from him for a very long time, i subsided my anger tentatively and listened. He was actually right – the basic understanding of Rights of free speech and expression in Indian constitution is that – “Your rights end where my nose begins”, So I need to keep my rights to myself.

After this brief thought process we need to arrive at a conculsionRight ?….

So after this post in you inbox. Please let me know wheather i shall send the blog links to your email address or you will be able to refer it yourself, also please suggest if I should improve the flow of my writing or any other related suggestion.

So a message either to my inbox or in the coment space below this article.

October 17, 2009 at 9:31 AM 2 comments

Wish me Best for X-am


Hi guys due to raining exams i will be kinda busy with my books and hunting for related materials.




One of my friends Ms. Charanya recently from mumbai, asked about my exam dates for which i cooly replied that it was on November. But then, the very next day i was informed that the exams were on 12/10/2009, followed by 1st semester on November 2nd.

Anyways i will re-start updating my blog on 16/10/2009,dmbtest till then I will checking my personal correspondance via e-mail.


Student’s declaration at the end of answer paper. It Reminds me of Disclaimer Notices!“I hereby declare that answers written above r true 2 the best of mine & my friend’s knowledge & I claim no responsibility whatsoever 4 any mistakes. Whatever I have written is truly fictitious & any resemblance with the Subject Matter is purely Coincidental.”

“80% of the final exam will be based on the one lecture you missed and the one book you didn’t read.”

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No more shopping for me….

hibernationSunday is actually supposed to be the time when I sleep like a grizzly bear in its hibernation, but this weekend was anything. But this day was anything but a time to rest 



Like a obedient son I went to visit my parents after skipping couple of weekends, so my mother prepared “Pundi” alias Kadabu (it’s a cousin brother of IDLY, because it is prepared with boiled rice and is round in shape) along with coconut chutney. pundi




chutneyIf prepared at right temperature Pundi and chutney blend with each other and settle like a mellow in the taste buds. I had 7 to 8 of those Pundi, each one the size of a billiards pool ball, it made me quite full.


After a heavy breakfast my mother suggested, I showroom_rectaccompany her to do some shopping, since it was a longtime that I accompanied my mother like a dutiful son I agreed.


Cutting the long story short, one of my mother’s-friend’s-aunt’s-sister’s- son’s wedding was the upcoming event, for which my mother was asked to accompany. Without realizing what I was getting into I simply agreed and went along with my mother.


shoppingMy goodness it was there I realized what the word “SHOPPING” really means, my mom who otherwise seemed to be another simple homemaker turned out to be a Shopaholic. I don’t know wheather she was trying to irritate me or something because with every sari they had a discussion of same details like design, pattern, and colour (as though they were purchasing some BMW or Mercedes).


Moreover that Bethaal over the ladder kept on passing the so called “newvikram collections” for every 3 minutes. As the time went along I felt like the most useless fellow in the given situation. I mean during the entire process of shopping my mother was totally engrossed chitchatting with her friend and selecting that sari that she hardly noticed that I existed except for once when she wanted to know the time.


Moreover these sari-shops were broadcasting some repeat telecast of a daily soap (some old ladies were totally glued to it). I wondered how well these shop owners knew the art of attracting customers.


Seems like the “Sun-day” had brought all the shopaholics’ together the shop was jam packed, the Air-conditioner was useless for such a huge crowd. So I went outside the door after informing my mother and started messaging my friends to kill time.


lateAfter about 45 minutes another shock was waiting for me when I came to know that after 1 ½ hours my mother had made zero purchases, reason: no much option in colour (but if you asked me there were sufficient colour to make a person colour blind). I was speechless and didn’t know what to say to my mother. I gave a cold stare to my mother but she didn’t even notice and started walking to another shop.


Sari hunting lasted for another 2 to 3 hours in which we covered about 6 shops altogether and made no purchases, finally we came back to shop number 3.

The entire expedition was so dreadful and tiresome that I looked like somesleepy Government representative who just returned from census duty.





ostrichBut my embarrassment had to bear up for some more time as I had to witness the bargaining methodology (I felt like burying my head under the sand) few minutes later some other ladies joined the debate with the cashier (he was in the verge of resigning from the job). After winning the debate the ladies came smiling out as though they had just received a noble prize for “peace” from UN Secretary.


I was literally exhausted due to the entire shopping gala, so after the lunch break I tactfully took a leave from my mom in a pretext of some work.


Once I had “The Great escape” I again started working for the great escapeCommunity radio, but unfortunately the internet was frequently down due to heavy traffic.


In the evening I attended a painting exhibition organized by Karavali Krishi Janabhivridhi Vedike on artiste impression over Mangalore Special Economic Zone. It was a very intellectual gathering of abstract artiste who with their expert brush-strokes were able to highlight the actual drawback that MSEZ has brought over the lives of farming community.


During this occasion after a long time I came across several of my friends who had visited Mumbai along with me like Fr.Arun and Jayanth, it was a great re-grouping of friends after a long time.


Every now and then someone or the other asked me the reason for absence during the morning session, to avoid embarrassment I told them that I was busy with a certain project of mine…..

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Delhi se Aya mera Dost….

Hi guy’s Long time now see…. blogButton


I have been going through several interesting things in the past few days which kept me engaged from blogging.


First of all, my friend from Delhi turned up to Mangalore due to some workdehi she invited me up for an evening coffee the same night she was supposed to leave back to Bangalore on the way to Delhi.



I had earlier met this girl as a fellow passenger on one of my journey to Chennai couple of months back and we really clicked in our conversation and interests at the very moment. So it was two long years since I had kept any contact with my Delhi friend, so obviously I was very excited to meet.


birthdays1But then I had to be at another very important appointment (actually it was a DJ party for my friends birthday) at 09.30 so I thought I will convey it to my friend as soon as we meet.


As usual I forgot to inform her about my prior appointment instead we both started blabbering for about an hour or so I guess, “almost everything under the sun” like politics (corruption and parties), economics (recession and stuff) and our local places of interest. At certain point I even started boasting about my “wonders in the world” and she said “about the planet she had created” and all that.


It was almost 9.00pm when I checked my watch (as I ran of topic for bye byediscussion), now here I had a huge problem as I have the phobia of initiating “bye” because I find the expression is rude (because the person on the other end may think I am putting an abrupt end). I know it sounds crazy but that’s how it is with me so I started trying to time my “bye” perfectly, but then it never happened, so the conversation (It was very interesting talk I must say)started continuing.


transmiI was still trying to figuring out the way to say “bye”, to my friend, but at that moment my brains gave up (it just displayed like multicolor line that usually appears on DOORDARSHAN when there is no transmission).


So I was helpless it had already crossed 9.30 pm (as though the party started punctually on time) I had to do something to exit the situation, at sometime I even hinted that I had to go, but then I myself got involved in the discussion and stayed back to argue more.


The time went up to 10.30 PM, I thought party must already half over, frankly I was disappointed, but I tried looking through the brighter side (Unsuccessful attempt), which didn’t have sufficient material to pacify. But I guessed I took it quite well (Yeah… after so much whining), I mean its very rare that I have such a long distance friends so I guess it was quite worth the time. So like a noble soul I stayed up till 10.45 PM till the bus came to pick up my friend.


On my way back I was drove back to my PG slowly (lifeless) thinking some “garbage”, my room was empty since my roomies had been to the party. I fell on the bed slept for the day.


Par Picture Abhi Bakhi hai mere dost


Approximately after 15 minutes since I “died” for the day on the bed, mysleep phone started ringing; it was my friend Akilesh (jealous of my “happy friends” who were partying, I hoped that they were arrested by the police for partying late-night).


But it was not, I was surprised to hear from Akhilesh that the party was yet to begin as the birthday boy had been to his other friends birthday which was on the same day (yeah I have such kind of friends also). I was back to life I picked up my best “Shabby” dress and vroomed to the party and yet surprisingly I arrived almost 30 minutes early before the birthday boy blew the candle.


djThe party was good and the DJ played some really good fusion music bambo, Jazz bangra, baila and he sometime also fusioned the music with some Metallica (that was hilarious).  


Anyway had a very good day of all sorts of mixture.

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